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(Please note: At this time, Joel is only accepting speaking offers in the San Francisco Bay Area, however you are welcome to inquire about his future availability via our Contact Form. Thank you.)

Joel Friedlander is an author, an award-winning book designer, a blogger and the creator of programs that train authors to achieve the impact their work deserves.

“What I believe is that writers are the biggest force for change in the world today. No matter what kind of writing you do, it has the potential to enlighten the world, one reader at a time.”—Joel Friedlander

Joel is available for keynote speeches, panels, subject-matter workshops, webinars, and half-day and full-day seminars.

Topic Suggestions

How to Create Book Covers that Work
Your cover is the most important tool for marketing your book, and it has several important jobs to do. In this lively presentation we’ll look at covers that succeed–and ones that fail. You’ll learn to recognize the 4 common problems that doom many self-published book covers, and 3 simple conceptual tools that will help you get a book cover that works. Real-world samples and critiques anchor this presentation, so you can get real results.

Self-Publishing the Indie Way
How authors will be publishing their print and ebooks in 2013. How to harness the remarkable benefits of being a published author. Clarifying your publishing goals and navigating the sometimes murky waters of the self-publishing world to find the right path for you and your book.

Blogging for Authors: Unleashing the Power of Community
Social media for authors. Building a fan base, spreading your ideas, increasing your authority and making the contacts you’ve always dreamed of. The center of your nonstop, content-driven traffic and engagement system.

Author Platform, Branding and Monetization
How to use your expertise to build a valuable online asset and turn your content into an amazing variety of multimedia products using the latest technology to reach the readers just waiting to find your message.

Book Design and Production Basics
How authors figure out the kinds of books they should be publishing, the challenges of hardcover, paperback, and full-color books. How to hit the sweet spot with your production and marketing mix.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

SAN FRANCISCO: October 17, 2015 – UC Berkeley Extension – Be Heard Above the Noise: How To Stand Out In Social Media.

WEBINAR: October 22, 2015 – IngramSpark Guest Webinar Series – Book Design Options for Self-Publishers

SAN FRANCISCO: November 2015 – BAIPAEmail marketing for Authors, presentation and workshop

Previous Speaking Engagements

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writing for Change Conference Traditional or Self-Publishing? Picking the Best Publishing Option for You

WEBEX: Independent Book Publishers Association, IBPA Publishing University Online

SAN FRANCISCO: How to Create Book Covers that Work

“One of the things I look for when a professional presents to our writers is an ability to address every level in the room—from beginning writer to hybrid to New York Times bestseller or advanced indie writer, because we have them all. His presentation How to Create Book Covers that Work truly had something for everyone, and his warm, engaging presentation style made even the shyest writer in the room feel welcome to ask questions and join the (lively!) debates on different covers. He clarified the cover-design process with ease and with such easy-to-remember steps that thinking about designing a cover is no longer on the “Dear God Please No” list! Thank you so much, Joel, and we hope you come back in the future!” – Theresa Rogers, President, San Francisco Area Romance Writers of America

MARIN: Pathways to Publishing workshop

LOS ANGELES: PALA (Publisher’s Association of Los Angeles), Teleseminar on POD (Print on Demand)

“There was never any doubt, so it’s with pleasure but no surprise that things went very smoothly, thanks to both Joel and Sharon.

As always, the information was clear, stated well, the energy was kept constant, and if anyone ever doubted this, now they know for sure that Joel knows everything and he is completely generous with the transmittal of this knowledge.

Another thing that I liked – there are so many negatives in publishing -gloom and doom stuff. And the changes are so daunting and so plentiful. Well, it is part of the reality of our
business. But Joel kept things positive, possible, and the presentation was the clearest I’ve heard about much of this content.

So thank you! I hope we can do it again, this topic as it changes, or another topic.” – Gary Young, President, Publishers Association of Los Angeles

SANTA ROSA: Redwood Writers Workshop

“Most writers considering self-publishing face information overload. Thankfully, Joel’s workshop on Pathways to Publication demystified the process. He articulated the key questions that determine our self-publishing choices, then walked us through the independent publishing process in easy-to-understand steps. His presentation reflects a lot of thought and expertise on how to help writers achieve their goals. Thank you, Joel.” – Helen Sedwick, author of Coyote Winds and Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook,
Co-Chair, Redwood Writers Academy

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writers Conference, A Step-by-Step to Publishing, Promoting, and Selling Your Books in Print and Every Popular Ebook Format

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writers Conference, Seeing is Believing: Designing Your Book for Success

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writers Conference, Ask the Pros: A Pitch-and-Ask Session with Editors and Publishing Professionals

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writers Conference, The Craft of Publishing: How to Format and Print Your Book

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writers Conference, Going Hybrid: Choosing the Best Publishing Options for You and Your Book

NOVATO: BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Association) Book Design Panel

ONLINE: Your Guide to Book Publishing with Dr. Judith Briles

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writers for Change

SAN LUIS OBISPO: Central Coast Writers Conference

“As the director of the Central Coast Writers’ Conference, I finally found the perfect closer for our two-day conference. As brains are bursting with too much great information, Joel Friedlander managed to visually entertain as he taught our general assembly of aspiring and seasoned writers how to recognize the greatest and, well, not-as-great book cover designs. Thanks, Joel. It was magical.” Judy Salamacha

ONLINE: Text and Academic Authors Association Webinar

OMAHA: Nebraska Writers Guild, Spring Writing Conference

“Joel Friedlander was a featured speaker at the Nebraska Writers Guild Spring Conference 2013. Universally, the feedback we received raved about Joel and his advice to authors on how to be successful in the self-publishing industry. In addition to having a first-rate understanding of the business, Joel has a unique willingness to share his talent and expertise in a no-nonsense approach that writers of any experience level can understand. Several of our members are now utilizing his Self-Publishing Companion, his Book Templates, and many other resources available on TheBookDesigner.com to elevate the quality of their books. Thanks again, Joel!”—Lisa Kovanda, President, Nebraska Writers Guild

CHICAGO: IBPA Publishing University, (Book Design) and (Blog Marketing)

DENVER: Author U Extravaganza, Create the Edge that Hooks Your Readers

FREMONT: Fremont Area Writers Self Publishing Conference

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writer’s Conference

SAN RAFAEL: Bay Area Independent Publishers Association: Creating Book Covers that Work

SAN FRANCISCO: IBPA Publishing University:

SAN FRANCISCO: Mechanic’s Institute Library: Self-Publishing Today

SAN FRANCISCO: Bay Area Editors’ Forum:

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writers for Change Conference: Panel on Self-Publishing Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco Writers Conference:

STANFORD UNIVERSITY: The Self-Publishing Bootcamp: Designing Books that Work

“I’m passionate about showing authors how they can get started publishing their own books, realize the potential in their content, and bring their unique message to the world. And I’d love to share that passion with your audience. Let’s talk!”—Joel Friedlander

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