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Joel Friedlander started The Book Designer back in 2009. He became a legend in the self publishing world thanks to his background in book design, advertising, and graphic design. Joel provided free education to thousands of authors about how to become successful, particularly focusing on how to design books that were just as high quality as those from major publishing houses.

At the end of 2020, Selfpublishing.com purchased The Book Designer from Joel, who sadly passed away a few months later (check out the announcement from January 2021 above). We’re committed to continuing his legacy by providing quality information and resources to self publishers just like you from all over the world.

We’ve preserved most of Joel’s original articles in The Joel Friedlander Archives, where you can take a look back in time to the early days of the self publishing boom. Or take a look at our more recent articles about everything from how to design a book cover to how to format the interior of your book.

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