AuthorRise Shows Promise for Indie Writers

by Joel Friedlander on October 1, 2014 · 0 comments

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By Frances Caballo

Analytics helps you to understand the demographics of their following as well as pinpoint the types of messages that resonate with your connections, friends, fans and followers. In other words, your readers and colleagues.

There’s no point in trying to grow a large following if your readers aren’t engaged with you as an author and the books you write. Analytics helps you to understand members of your audience and learn more about them so that you can enhance engagement on your social media profiles.

There are numerous applications on the market that can help you to determine what to post and when to post. In my most recent book, Avoid Social Media Time Suck, I list 30 applications – most of which are available for free – that anyone using social media can use.The list includes free analytics through Facebook Insights, Twitter, Pinterest business accounts and Google Analytics.

Now there’s a new metrics program that is designed specifically for authors and over time will provide analytics for a range of social media networks on one simple dashboard. This new application is appropriately called AuthorRise and at least while it’s in Beta it’s free to use.

AuthorRise Targets Metrics for Writers

The mission of AuthorRise is to “create the tools that help you grow your audience and sell more books” by providing a one-stop analytics platform.

In addition, AuthorRise was designed to help authors create and publish content to multiple social media sites – not something I advocate.

I’m a strong believer that each social media network has a distinctive voice. For example, you wouldn’t want to auto-post a tweet to LinkedIn because LinkedIn has a more generous character length and doesn’t use Twitter handles.

Similarly, tweets auto-posted to Facebook lack authenticity. And you wouldn’t want to auto-post from Facebook to LinkedIn because images you might share on Facebook wouldn’t be appropriate on this platform for professionals.

Besides, there are plenty of applications, such as Hootsuite and SocialOomph, which enable you to post on multiple sites using unique messages for each social media network.

What I like about AuthorRise is that it tracks sales, and its sales numbers that are related to Twitter are updated hourly. No other program that I’m aware of does that.

Getting Started with AuthorRise

To get started, you need a Twitter account and an Amazon Author Central account. If you don’t have a Twitter account, go and sign up. Likewise, if you don’t have an Amazon Author Central account, navigate to this URL:

Once you’ve completed those tasks, click the sign-up button on

  1. Sign up using an email address and a password.
  2. Click the confirmation link sent to your designated email address.
  3. Connect your Twitter account.
  4. Connect your Amazon Author Page.


Once you complete the import process for your Twitter account and books, you will navigate to your dashboard. From there, you’ll see a set of icons at the top. The one that looks like a paper airplane is the “flyer” tool, and the one that looks like a little chart is the analytics dashboard.

In this example below, AuthorRise compares activity on Twitter with your rank on Amazon.


Create Flyers and Track Their Analytics

The flyer tool is – how should I say this? – awesome.

Flyers are designed to help you leverage your blog posts and articles. You can include a link to an article or blog post you recently write along with the first few sentences, and add the cover of your book and a link to Amazon. Here is an example of a completed flyer:
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