e-Book Cover Design Awards Submissions

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e-Book Cover Design Awards Submission Rules

  • Please link to a cover at least 200 px. wide (and preferably at least 300 x 300 px.).
  • Please send URLs that go directly to your e-book cover images, no Facebook pages or designer portfolio pages where we have to scan through to find the cover you want to submit. You can usually get this URL by right mouse clicking on the image on the website and selecting “Copy image URL” and send us that URL.
  • There is no restriction on publication date, but the e-books must be published at the time of submission, and I’m interested in current trends.
  • No PDF e-Book covers, that’s a different genre entirely.
  • No HTML e-Book covers.
  • Only the author, the publisher, or the designer can submit a cover, no “third parties.”
  • Only one submission per e-book allowed. We will not accept submissions for previously submitted, even if redesigned, covers unless the submission is for a second edition of an e-book (different ISBN).
  • No inappropriate subjects, please.
  • Although all covers that meet submission criteria will be published, not all will receive critiques.
  • We reserve the right to remove any entry for any reason.

Thanks for participating. I can’t wait to see your books.

Please note: We are currently experiencing some problems with receiving submissions sent from aol.com and yahoo.com email addresses. We are working to resolve this issue, but suggest that you might want to send your submissions from email addresses other than aol.com or yahoo.com for the time being if that is an option for you. If this isn’t an option, please forward the auto response you will receive when you submit an e-book cover to us at marin.bookworks@gmail.com and we will check to assure that we have received your submission and will confirm this with you. Thanks.

e-Book Cover Design Awards Submissions

  • This field is for a link where we can copy the cover of your e-book for inclusion in our blog post. Amazon links aren't usually appropriate for this field because the cover images shown on their pages are too small and require editing to remove the "Look Inside" graphics. Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, for example, or your own website where you've displayed the cover are usually all good links. The image must be at least 200 pixels wide but can be larger.
  • Enter ONLY the e-book cover designer's website URL in the Other field. If your designer does not have a website enter "No website" in the field. Your submission will be disqualified if you include links to other sites in this field. Authors, unless you designed your own cover AND offer cover design services on your website, do not enter your website in this field.
  • This field is for a link where we can verify that your e-book has been published (a submission requirement).
  • Enter details about your e-book that directly relate to the cover design. Please no plot summaries or URLs.

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