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POSTED ON Jan 21, 2019

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Every year I review the top blog posts from the previous year on The Book Designer blog. It gives me a chance to see what topics readers responded to the most, what has people talking, and where we might focus more articles in the coming year.

In 2018, Contributing Writer Amy Collins scored big, with 3 of the top 10 posts for the year. And that makes sense, since she usually talks about book marketing ideas, and that’s a topic just about all readers share an interest in.

Also making it into the top 10 this year were 2 articles on typography, several guest posts (and thanks to all our guest writers!), and a couple of topics we’ve never covered before: publishing for seniors, and helping authors who don’t really want to market their books.

We live life in such a headlong fashion, it can be difficult simply to remember the lessons we’ve already learned.

This roundup is a chance to re-visit some important topics, or to catch up on top blog posts you might have missed.


Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018 on

  1. What’s Going On With CreateSpace and KDP Print? [Updated]
    The timing of Amy Collins’ article on the changes at Amazon’s print on demand services made it the most popular post of the year with over 17,000 page views.
  2. Helping Senior Citizens Self-Publish
    A little-discussed topic turned out to be of interest to lots of readers.
  3. How to Jumpstart Book Reviews for Self-Published Books
    David Woghan’s guest article on getting reviews drew interest from lots of authors.
  4. “I Hate That!” Book Design Pet Peeves
    Readers jumped in to offer their own book design pet peeves.
  5. A Quick Look at the Fine Art of Book Spine Design
    Talking about the least-discussed part of a book cover—the spine—unearthed lots of opinions.
  6. 7 Best Book Cover Trends to Stay Current in 2018
    A guest post by 99Designs’ Calvin Emerson pointed out cover trends to watch for.
  7. Understanding the Current “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Amazon Book Reviews
    Combining two areas of great interest—Amazon and book reviews—made Amy Collins’ post very engaging to authors.
  8. Book Promotion: Do This, Not That – February 2018
    Amy Collins’ look at some of the issues with Ingram Spark drew a response from Robin Cutler, who manages the business.
  9. A Novelist’s Anguished Cry—Can You Help?
    A letter from a reader typified the dilemma of book marketing for many authors, then it took a turn nobody anticipated.
  10. 110 Type Ornaments to Use in Your Book (Plus a Free Download)
    This post, which gathered ornaments from 14 free and paid fonts, got lots of attention, perhaps spurred on by the free PDF download.

What will be on everyone’s minds in 2019?

We don’t know yet, do we? If you’d like a chance to be one of our writers, have a look at our Guest Author Guidelines, then drop me a note using our contact form.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be in the top 10 next year!


Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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