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What Real People Are Saying:

I recommend the Self-Publishing Roadmap course without hesitation. Why? Because it kicks ass. Specifically, it achieves its stated aim: providing a roadmap to self-publishing success. It really is that simple.
Aaron Driver

Joel has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject and a great ability of conveying that knowledge to people in a logical and concise way. I have been studying this for over a year and although the course covered many things that I know, it was presented in a step-by-step fashion. That method allows me to feel more confident about going forward with self publishing.
Joella Castillo

The Action Lists and Resources are wonderful and the interviews with experts and mind maps are extremely helpful and can help a self-publisher make a better product and save money in the long run.
Sandra Novacek

I’d read numerous books but I was frustrated. I was looking for a person to verbalize what I had read and provide more detail and examples. My understanding of self-publishing was increased significantly by taking your course. With all the discussion around self publishing, an online course, is long overdue. Your course made a tremendous difference for me.
Deborah Davis

It dymystified the process, allowing me to gauge that I surely wanted to contract out certain tasks and do others myself, with a better idea of what constitutes a well designed book. Joel presented the material in a very accessible way, and was very good at connecting with the class members regardless of varying experiences as regards book publishing. He also did a great job of creating resources for each module to allow class members to go deeply into various topics.
Viola Canales

Joel does a spectacular job of creating an overall perspective, combined with the best practices, details, examples, steps, techniques, etc. of the specific tasks that need to be D&D–either Done by the author or Delegated to someone who does it. I appreciated his ability to effectively teach to different experience levels, without overwhelming newcomers or boring experienced types.
Roger C. Parker

I feel confident that I will be able to produce a high-quality book and market it successfully by following the principles I’ve learned in this course. I had so much to learn about how the book industry works, and Joel’s Self-Publishing Roadmap course led me through it all without stumbling. I think the course would be helpful to anyone who plans to self-publish and wants to produce a quality book. Thank you!
Denise Gaskins

I almost feel that it was some kind of divine intervention that let me to your course. I had always felt that I could not do book marketing on my own and nobody I talked to who supposedly knew about social network marketing had much to tell me that was helpful. Now I feel as if I have a good path I can follow.
Sandy Breuer

We needed a step-by-step process. It is over whelming when you first consider self publishing but this course made it all sound doable. If I could use two words for how I feel now it is “In control”. I would recommend this course to anyone considering self-publishing.

Having all of the information presented in one place without having to scour the internet for it, and having the comfort of knowing that I haven’t missed a major step or issue in figuring out self-publishing. The Self-Publishing Roadmap opened my eyes to how many considerations there are to successful self-publishing. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.
Sylvia Liu

The Self-Publishing Roadmap opened my eyes to the challenges I face. It also has given me insight to make my book better in the long run and able to compete with any book currently on the market today whether it’s professionally published or self published. The course is very professional and informative.
Keith Dodd

It showed me everything that goes into self-publishing. To have a successful book means that you need to take all the steps in between; from your idea for your book – to editing – to book design – to publishing – to marketing. Self-publishing means you have to be willing to learn and to work hard. Anything is possible if you are willing to work hard. You have brought a wealth of information together into one place to share with us.
Wanda Thompson

I hadn’t quite understood how much goes into making a fine book instead of a cheap-looking and badly-set-up thing that nobody wants to read. You’ve given us our superheroes capes so we can fly on our own, Joel! To anyone who is at all interested in writing and/or publishing a book, this course would be a lifesaver.
Betsy Gordon