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If You Can Imagine It, We Can Build It!


Set your imagination free with our Fantasy Map Generator. The more details you enter, the more fantastical your world will be!

Pro Tip: Personalize your map (e.g. change your map’s name) using our “How to Edit Your Map in Canva” tutorial.


Map scale

Whether you want a whole world or a small region, our fantasy map generator can handle it.

Plug in important landmarks

Enchanted castles? Magical forests? A desolate wasteland? Plug in the details, and our AI fantasy map generator will create it!

Choose the architectural style

What style of architecture would you like? Medieval? Futuristic? The choice is yours! 

Decide on the level of detail

How much detail do you want? A lot or a little? Plug in whatever details our fantasy map generator can use to design your map the way you want it. Remember, the more details you add, the more customized your map will be. 

Choose whether to include dividing lines

Do you want to include borders between countries or kingdoms? Tell the fantasy map maker where to put the borders so your map can be divided according to your specifications. 

Add in world environments

There are no limitations to what you can dream up. From deserts and jungles to rivers and wastelands, bring your vision to life with a few simple prompts.

Create cities, towns & key locations

Tell the map generator the specific types of locations you want on your map. 

Pick your color scheme

Color is EVERYTHING! Make sure you select the colors that reflect the mood of your story, game, or design theme.

Select a time period

Name your time period. From ancient ruins to futuristic skylines and everything in between, the you are only limited by your imagination!

Craft the perfect style

Tell the fantasy map generator the style of map you want. Is it a top-down view? A cross-section? Or, isometric? Your choice!

Fantasy Map Generator

Generating the map may take some time. We kindly ask for your patience and request that you refrain from refreshing the page.

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