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POSTED ON Aug 8, 2010

Joel Friedlander

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August is in full swing. Or rather, in half swing, since large segments of the media seem to be on holiday. Unfamiliar faces beam from TVs, blogs gather moss as posting activity slows down, the newspaper (remember those?) has barely enough pages to be worth the effort to put it out.

So not as many links today, but that’s alright, and here’s why: Once you get through the thoughtful interview with Mark Coker, some bookish inspiration courtesy of Guy LeCharles Gonzalez and friends, run through Moonrat’s extensive overview of publishing options and taken some tips from the drivers of Alaska courtesy of George Angus, you get to read Craig Mod’s new blog post. Mod has made other appearances here, and this post is no exception to the rule that he always delivers way more than you can even imagine.

Read on!

This Week in the Blogs

John Sundman on Self-Publishing Review
SPR interviews Mark Coker of Smashwords
“Traditional publishing is a broken business on the precipice of major change. I perceived an opportunity create a business that can help facilitate this change in a constructive way that’s valuable for readers, authors, publishers and booksellers.”

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez on Digital Book World
Why Books? 9 Reasons to be Optimistic
“For most people in publishing, the love of books runs deep. Not solely focused on the printed book, either, but a passion for the stories they contain (and the authors who created them), and an excitement for the myriad new opportunities to share those stories with more readers via more mediums than ever before imagined.”

Moonrat on Editorial Ass
Moonrat’s Rundown of Publishing Options
“But publication is a choice—if you’re in the throes of the submission process, this is sometimes hard to remember, but do remember you always, always have a choice whether or not you publish. You also have a choice how you’re going to publish, and what kind of publication to pursue. ”

George Angus on Tumblemoose
Precision Writing
“I’m sorry to say that Alaska has the worst drivers in the world. Truly. I lived in SoCal for a number of years and I would take the LA drivers all day long over the Alaska ones. What’s the problem with Alaska drivers? They lack precision. How is this related to writing? Lack of precision in writing is equally frustrating.”

And for Something a Little Different . . .

Craig Mod on Craig Mod
KICKSTARTUP: Successful fundraising with & (re)making Art Space Tokyo
“I want to share with you a story about books, publishing, fundraising and seed capital. It’s a story that I hope will change how you think about all of these topics. And it’s a story that I hope will serve as a template.”

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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