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Learn How To Find Your First 10,000 Readers

by | Aug 20, 2018

I read this in today’s New York Times Magazine:

“I always think about people that write books. What a horrible feeling it must be to have poured your soul into a book over a number of years and somebody comes up to you and goes, ‘I loved your book,’ and they walk away, and you have no idea what worked and what didn’t. That to me is hell. That’s my definition of hell.”—Jerry Seinfeld, New York Times Magazine, August 19, 2018

I talk to authors every day, trying to help them get over the obstacles they run into when they start publishing.

By far the most common problem I discover is one the authors themselves don’t know they have.

No matter how much work they’ve put into their book, they haven’t realized that when they publish it, no one will know.

How can you become a successful indie author without readers?

When this dawns on them, many authors get discouraged, throw up their hands, and consider just scrapping the whole project. I hate to see that happen.

Learning How to Find Your Readers—A Recommendation

This situation is so common, it’s why the help I recommend most often is Nick Stephenson’s Your First 10,000 Readers and why I’m proud to be one of his affiliates.

Nick wasn’t very successful as an author at first. It wasn’t until he learned to focus on growing his audience that he saw any results.

Now, after publishing 11 fiction and nonfiction books, he runs a seven figure business.

He’s put everything he’s learned in the last 8 years into this premium training course so you can get there faster.

Over 1,200 students have taken the course in the last 12 months, and Nick has just opened up enrollment again, for the next few days only.

If you’re serious about growing your business in 2018, take a look at how Nick can help you get there. This latest video will show you everything you’ll learn when you enroll. Click here to check it out: Your First 10,000 Readers

Nick Speaks: Who Is the Course For?

I asked Nick if his system would work for all kinds of writers, and why it make such a big difference for the authors who have learned his method. Here’s what he had to say:

“It doesn’t matter whether you write non-fiction, fiction, blogs, how-to books, poetry, obscure fiction genres, romance, thrillers, science fiction, fantasty, or literary novels – this system works. It works because you are finally able to attract the right readers, and build your relationship with them direct, without relying on anyone else.

“The best part? You don’t need to put a new book out every 6 weeks to keep visibility high – because you’ve already built up your own direct platform.

“In short, you finally have a way to more effectively market the books and content you already have – and capitalize on the work you’ve already done – as well as skyrocket your results when you launch your next book, your next coaching product, or your next online course.

“You spend months bleeding over your keyboard to get ready for prime time – you shouldn’t have to spend the rest of your free time trying to figure out what marketing and promotion strategies work.

“And you don’t have to. I’ve developed a system you can use that works – regardless of the types of books or content you write.”—Nick Stephenson

In this course Nick will show you how to add tens of thousands of engaged readers to your email list, then use that audience to launch your own books to new people every month.

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to check this out. Read the real-life testimonials from authors who have taken the course.

I want you to succeed.

Nick’s course could be the solution that will get you on track for success:

Your First 10,000 Readers

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