Helen Sedwick Joins The Book Designer as a Contributing Writer

by | Jun 26, 2014

In March, I told you about some of the changes we were making here at The Book Designer and introduced you to our Contributing Writers:

Helen Sedwick

Today I’m very pleased to announce that starting tomorrow we’ll be adding another Contributing Writer here at The Book Designer.

Sedwick.HeadshotHelen Sedwick is an attorney and the author of Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to the Legal Issues of Self-Publishing.

Her articles will be featured here on The Book Designer on the last Friday of every month. She will address legal issues associated with writing and publishing.

I am very excited to be able to offer Helen’s expertise on a regular basis to readers and hope you will join me in welcoming her to The Book Designer!

You can learn more about Helen here.

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  1. Jennifer at WriteKidsBooks

    Very much looking forward to reading Helen’s posts.
    There is so much legal stuff we writers need to know, and as a blogger about children’s writing, I feel it’s important to share the facts as accurately as possible.
    I’ve seen how desperate folks are for accurate, readable information. One of my most popular posts (which took me totally by surprise) is a 2-minute read called Five facts about copyright that won’t bore you to tears. I guess too many writers ARE boring us to tears with this stuff… hopefully Helen won’t. :-D

  2. Frances Caballo

    This is such great news, Joel! I know Helen and I’m really looking forward to her posts.

  3. Yvonne Hertzberger

    Welcome. I look forward to reading.
    Now, this is totally irrelevant but has anyone ever remarked on a resemblance to Katherine Hepburn? It’s uncanny.

    • WIddershins

      With just a dash of Sigourney Weaver! :)

    • Helen Sedwick

      Ha! Katherine Hepburn is a new one. Thanks. I’ve always thought she was so classy.


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