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POSTED ON May 15, 2016

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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The weeks seem to go by so quickly, don’t they? And, here we are again, with more great articles to share with you on writing, marketing, blogging and e-book sales. Hope you can find time to check them out.

Nick Thacker on Write Hacked
The Best Writing and Book Marketing Plan on the Internet
“That title is not an exaggeration. This is literally the best, most concise, short-yet-completely-sweet marketing plan for books I’ve ever read.”

Kimberely Grabas on Your Writer Platform
Author Platform: Why You’re Struggling and How to Fix It
“For the ease with which many marketing and book publishing experts throw the concept of “platform” around, you’d think it would be a little easier to execute…”

Jason Matthews on How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks
Check Your Scribd Sales for a Pleasant Surprise
“I just discovered lately my books have been selling more with Scribd than with Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Play. My Scribd sales are also to customers in more nations than those other 3 combined!”

Ron Bueker on Jane Friedman
Building Your Professional Author Website: WordPress vs Squarespace
“When you’re ready to build your author website, there are some key decisions staring you down. The first, and the biggest, is to choose a web platform. If you’ve been researching your options, you might have heard that WordPress is the way to go. After all, it has tens of thousands of themes, plugins, and developers ready to help you create a feature-rich website that pixel-perfectly matches the one in your mind’s eye—and it’s free! How can Squarespace possibly compete with that?”

Dan Blank on We Grow Media
3 Common Marketing Fallacies That Writers Need To Be Wary Of
“Today I want to cover three common marketing fallacies that I see all the time. These are things I see that bump writers off track, and tend to leave them overwhelmed.”

Too Good To Miss

Greg Seguin on Goodreads Blog
Goodreads Introduces Kindle Ebook Giveaways Beta Program (U.S. market)
“Last year, Goodreads helped authors and publishers give away more than 300,000 print books in our popular Giveaways program! Thanks to this success, authors and publishers have been clamoring for the option to run ebook giveaways with Goodreads. Today, we have the news you’ve been waiting for! The beta launch of our new Kindle ebook giveaways program is now underway. ”


Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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