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POSTED ON Jul 2, 2017

Shelley Sturgeon

Written by Shelley Sturgeon

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By Shelley Sturgeon

Each week I put this post together, I try to find an interesting image for the post. I selected the image above for this week because:

  • July 1st (yesterday) was Canada Day. It is our 150th birthday this year. (Yes, I am from the Great White North!)
  • Tuesday is the Fourth of July, a.k.a. Independence Day, a time of celebration, parades, barbecues and fireworks in the USA.
  • And, last but not least, for some authors, taking those first steps in self-publishing is as scary as jumping out of an airplane!

But, have no fear if you’re one of the authors intimidated and overwhelmed by self-publishing. We have a virtual ton of information, tips and tools here to help you including this week’s selection of articles!

Frances Caballo on Social Media Just For Writers
Protecting Your Rights and Your Wallet with Helen Sedwick
“In this hour-long webinar, attorney and author Helen Sedwick reviews a wide range of issues from intellectual property, copyright issues, publishers to be wary of, and fraudulent entities wanting complete control over your book and its film rights.”

K.S. Brooks on Indies Unlimited
@#*&$it – Self-Publishing Does NOT Have to Cost You Anything
“One of the best things about being an indie is that we can learn how to do most everything ourselves – FOR FREE.”

Sandra Beckwith on Build Book Buzz
Opportunistic book publicity: Leverage what’s in the news
“In general, you always want to look for ways to link your book to current events, whether it’s breaking news, celebrity gossip, or, as in this case, a movie that’s getting a lot of attention. It’s about being opportunistic — the opportunity presents itself and you grab it to get book publicity.”

Aimee Coveney on Self-Publishing Advice Center
How to Carry Your Book Cover Design Through to the Marketing Campaign for Your Self-published Books
“Consistent and good design is a vital part of building your author brand. Your author brand, and your books, should look professional, increase your credibility as an author and raise the perceived value of your work, attracting more sales.”

Chris Syme on Smart Marketing for Authors
Important Facebook Updates for Authors
“In this episode Chris and Becca talk about the latest Facebook updates and why they are important to authors.”


Shelley Sturgeon

Written by
Shelley Sturgeon

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