Book Review: Virtual Book Tour Magic by Dana Lynn Smith

by | Dec 5, 2011

Ed: We have a winner! Melissa K. Norris, novelist (@MelissaKNorris) is the lucky winner, in a random drawing, of a free copy of Dana Lynn Smith’s Virtual Book Tour Magic. Congratulations, Melissa!

Last week I had the chance to experience a book tour first hand, as the first host on the tour Dana Lynn Smith put together for her latest book, Virtual Book Tour Magic.

Yes, this is an oddly inflected idea, that Dana, who writes about book tours, is taking her own book tour in support of book tours, and I’m reviewing her book on book tours as part of the tour.

Dizzy yet?

What I Found Out About Book Tours

In organizing the tour for her book, Dana impressed me because:

  • She obviously had a clear goal she was pursuing
  • All the communication I received from her was clear and to the point
  • Dana sent me her guest post about 10 days before it was due to run :)
  • She also sent me some copy to use in social media promotion
  • And she supplied carefully-constructed tweets complete with hashtags to promote the blog post on Twitter
  • Dana also hung around on the day her blog post went live, interacting with the many readers who were interested in virtual book tours
  • She also sent me a reminder the day before, just in case

What I learned was that you have to be very organized to get all the amazing benefits of a virtual book tour. Taken together, all the techniques and tactics that can be used in one of these tours can really have a major impact on sales, Amazon ranking and interest in your other books.

You Should Read the Book

Virtual Book Tour MagicWhich all lead me to the book the whole exercise is meant to be promoting: Virtual Book Tour Magic. It’s a PDF edition Dana sells from her website, and here’s what I found interesting:

Everything I learned by watching Dana run her tour? It’s all explained, step by step, in the book.

I can’t believe there’s anything you would need or want to know about virtual book tours that’s not covered in this complete, easy to follow, practical guide to running your own virtual book tour.

Dana supplies information on every aspect of putting together a tour, and there are lots of links to other resources throughout the PDF. She includes case studies so you can see exactly how these strategies play out in the real world, too.

One of the things I really liked was her “Daily Tour Routine” checklist with 11 specific tasks to execute each day of your tour.

But the book is very comprehensive. The author covers topics like:

  • How to plan your virtual book tour
  • How to research and recruit the best tour hosts
  • Communicating with tour hosts
  • Creating killer content for your book tour
  • Using contests, giveaways and offers on your tour
  • Pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Hiring virtual book tour organizers

I Recommend It

Whenever I think about doing something new, I get stopped by not knowing where to start, or how to find the time to do the research it seems it’s going to take to figure out this new situation.

That’s the beauty of Virtual Book Tour Magic. Dana has saved us all that time and research and, from her experience, put together a concise and practical guide to this great promotional strategy.

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  1. Peggy DeKay

    There are many things that authors can do to promote their books, but a virtual book tour is a tried and true technique. Doing a virtual tour is like doing a real one without taking off our pajamas. This is a great niche topic and a good book on the subject will help authors who are willing to try it. Thanks for the great review, I know it will help self-published authors. As I say in my classes, your book is not your baby…your book is your business. Peggy DeKay

  2. Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer

    Thanks so much Jeff. I realize some folks don’t like the PDF format, but it works well for the kind of books I write. There are lots of hyperlinks in the book and I’ve also included checklists that can be printed out and a spreadsheet for planning purposes. I did publish a Kindle edition a couple of weeks ago and I’m working on a paperback version for readers who prefer those formats. The Kindle version is available at

  3. Jeff Posey

    You convinced me. I went to her site to buy the book … but it only appears to be available in PDF format, which I find particularly abhorrent for reading. Were it available in good old regular Kindle format, I would have purchased. Seems to me a critical element of going on a book tour is offering the book in as many different formats as people read, else you’ll leave sales on the table.

    But wait! I searched for the title on Amazon, and sure enough, it’s there. You wouldn’t know it from Dana Lynn’s website or this one. Seems rather odd not to direct people to the most popular reading formats …

    Nevertheless, great information, Dana Lynn, and thanks, Joel, for directing me to this information. I read every post. Keep it up!

  4. Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer

    Joel, thanks so much for this terrific post and review. One of the great things about doing a virtual book tour is getting to work with wonderful hosts like you!

    And congratulations to Melissa K. Norris on winning the free copy of Virtual Book Tour Magic.


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