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Video: Bowker Publisher Setup and ISBN

by | Nov 22, 2011

This very quick video shows you the current version of the Bowker ISBN portal and shows you how to set up a new account and then buy your very own ISBNs.

If you’d like to watch it while you set up your own account, you’ll have to be prepared. You’ll need:

  1. About three and a half minutes to watch the video
  2. Your credit card
  3. Your publisher metadata:
    1. Publisher name
    2. Street address
    3. Telephone

That’s about it. It really is easy and that’s why the video is only 3:23.

This is the first, and necessary step that many self-publishers take when they decide to publish their own books. We all do it some time.

After your book is finalized, you’ll be back entering metadata about the book, but that’s a subject for another time. Here’s the video: (If it doesn’t show up at first, please refresh your screen.)

Mentioned in this video:
Bowker, www.myidentifiers.com, ISBNs, Publisher metadata, book metadata

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