Veteran's Day 2011 and the New Self-Publishing

by | Nov 11, 2011

It’s Veteran’s Day here in the U.S. and lots of things are closed. No mail service, no banks, that sort of thing.

I’m busy getting ready for Carla King’s Self-Publishing Bootcamp down at Stanford University tomorrow, where I’ll be helping new self-publishers understand how to use the array of new choices in publishing, to their advantage.

The last time I spoke at Carla’s event, I gave attendees an overview of the book design process and ways to avoid making the worst kinds of mistakes.

But there’s no way to give any kind of detailed instruction on book design or cover design to a roomful of people in 40 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A, is there?

Look at these diagrams that represent the process of self-publishing before print on demand and e-books:

Old Self-Publishing

And what it looks like today:

New Self-Publishing

It’s the implications of this change that I’ll be addressing at Stanford, and the way the playing field on which these changes is happening continues to shift underfoot.

It’s a good time to be open to new things and nimble in adapting to developments.

See you back here on Sunday for this month’s e-Book Cover Design Awards. Don’t miss it!

Photo by profstewartrk

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  1. Roger C. Parker

    Dear Joel:
    The 2 diagrams are not only reveal changes in publishing at a glance, they’re an excellent example of the power of mind mapping and visual thinking.

    It’s the lonely “repurposed content,” however, that is truly significant. Writing a book isn’t just about the book, it’s all about your marketing content for the coming year.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks Roger. The “repurposed content” element was almost left out, but these days content has become so fungible that it deserves its own bubble.

  2. Deborah Hymes

    Joel, I’m enjoying your presentation at this moment. You’re an engaging and informative speaker. Thanks for all the fantastic info! Looking forward to receiving your slides.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Hi Deborah, I was live blogging during the earlier presentations. Fun. Thanks for your feedback, I had a blast.

  3. K. Victoria Smith

    Great post as usual. Wish I could attend, but I’m a right-coaster. Anything scheduled for the Northeast?

  4. Marcia Richards

    Good luck with your presentation, Joel. The diagram makes it so clear how things are changing…wonder what it might look like in 5 yrs. :)



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