Your Top 7 Book Design Templates Questions Answered

by | Feb 25, 2013


Really, that’s been my response since we opened the doors on on Friday.

We went over 10,000 page views on the site within 72 hours. Almost a thousand authors downloaded the new Book Construction Blueprint.

On the same day, my friend and fellow blogger Joanna Penn ran this interview with me talking about book interiors and how to make them better:

Over the months we’ve been working on the templates and the infrastructure to deliver them, I knew they would be popular, because there just isn’t much to help do-it-yourself authors trying to create books with Microsoft Word.

But the reaction was so immediate, widespread, and enthusiastic, I was taken by surprise. Here’s a big “Thanks!” from me and my associate Tracy.

Now I want to address the most frequently asked questions we’ve been getting from authors, then I’ll tell you a little about what we’ve got planned for the immediate—and I mean in the next few days—future.

Your Questions Answered

Question 1:  Can I insert images, graphics, and photos into the template?

Answer: Yes. Our templates are compatible with the full feature set of Microsoft Word, including the ability to add photos and graphics to the document. Word has a multitude of options for importing graphical objects, including the ability to resize, re-position, and have the text of your book flow around them in several different ways. This makes our templates a great foundation for work that includes rich imagery. We are updating our Formatting Guide to include details on how to add images and what to do to make them look fantastic in your book.

Question 2: Do you have any non-fiction specific templates for my business book?

Answer: We are working on a selection of business and non-fiction styled templates and hope to have them completed, tested and available for license in the coming weeks. Several of our templates, like Crimson, Premise, and Balance are already a great choice for literary non-fiction works.

Question 3: Can I use Open Office, Libre Office, or that word processing program I bought back in ‘92?

Answer:  We currently support our templates on the Microsoft Word platform only. However, our templates are standard .DOTX / .DOCX formatted documents, and will open in many different word processing applications. Some template features or pre-configured formatting may be missing in these applications and must be applied by you, making the templates a bit less user-friendly, and, in some cases, less feature-rich. Please feel free to buy and try one of our templates in your application. We have a no-hassle, 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our products. We would love to hear about your experiences.

Question 4: Can I use these print templates on CreateSpace or Lightning Source?

Answer: Absolutely. We designed these templates with Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing in mind. The industry-standard sizes you can download right now are paginated and compliant with the major printing houses, right out of the box. We do ask that you read and understand the unique requirements for your printer, like ISBN inclusion, copyright attribution requirements, and any other specifics to make sure you have everything in order before submission.

Question 5: Does the eBook version have all of those snazzy fonts?

Answer: eBook platforms have to function on a variety of devices, from smart-phones and tablets, to the dozens of e-ink readers on the market. That’s why most of them don’t accept or display fonts that aren’t installed by the manufacturer on the device. Not only that, but one of the features of most eReaders is their ability to allow the reader to change the fonts. With this in mind, most eBook platforms have little or no support for embedded fonts, drop-caps and similar design elements. That’s why we’ve removed the fancy fonts and substituted safe fonts in our eBook versions, so you don’t have to stress over the platform or device on which your book will function. Our eBook templates DO use the same layout stylization and typographical features as their print version cousins, so you’ll still get a great looking, perfectly paginated eBook without all of the hassle of formatting it yourself. They are a perfect companion for your print edition with great visual appeal.

Question 6: I want to use my cover font on the title page of the book. Can I change that font?

Answer: Sure. Our templates are formatted with specific fonts and the layout is optimized to give you great typography, right out of the box. However, we realize that every author is unique and sometimes your vision requires an adjustment or substitution here and there. That’s why our templates are not locked to prevent you from changing the fonts if you so wish. Please note that we do not offer support for typefaces that were not included with the template package.

Question 7: I want to format books for my clients, what license option is best?

Answer: The commercial license option is intended for a sole proprietor type of business, like an author or designer who formats books for other authors, but not on behalf of a larger company. It allows the license holder to use the template to format books for other authors. We understand that authors sometimes grow into small businesses, so we have license upgrade options to make sure you don’t buy more than you need at your particular stage of growth. Currently, we offer upgrades for our lineup of products, where you only have to pay the difference in cost between one license and another to get the broader license. So, if you want to start with a single use license, you can upgrade to a commercial one without losing anything.

You can see our upgrade options at the bottom of the page here:

If you work for a publisher, author services company or another entity who would like to use out templates and branding, please contact us directly at [email protected].

Solo Ebook Templates Are Coming

Yes, we’ve bowed to popular demand. In just a few days all our ebook templates will be available as stand-alone products, and at a reduced rate.

Smashwords’ Meatgrinder and

bookdesigntemplates.comOn Friday we also uploaded our first book to Smashwords, the world’s most popular indie ebook platform.

This gave us a chance to fine-tune the ebook templates, and I can tell you that we got a clean report and the book is up for sale if you want to have a look. It was formatted with the Crimson template, and you can see it here:

We’ll be adding a section to the Formatting Guide with easy tips to get your books up on Smashwords with our templates.

Nonfiction and Large-Format Templates Are Coming, Too

The other big demands from authors so far have been templates for nonfiction and larger format books. We are already at work on these and expect to have them available in March.

Nonfiction books have quite a bit more formatting than most novels, so the templates will be more complex, and we’ll be testing these thoroughly before they are released. Would you like to help?

We could use 3 or 4 “testers” to help debug the nonfiction templates. If you’re interested, leave a message in the comments, and thanks.

Staying In Touch

The best way to stay up to date with new template releases and other book formatting tips is to make sure you’re on our early notification list. Luckily, this is easy and when you sign up you’ll also get a copy of our new Book Construction Blueprint, an information-packed 32-page PDF download you’ll be using as a reference for years to come.

And you can do it right here: Get the Book Construction Blueprint

Tracy R. Atkins contributed to this article.




  1. Skye Lotus

    Hi Joel,

    I’m a father of a 13yo author (Skye), helping her put her next novel into the Ingram Spark system. Her previous 5 novels were done purely as eBooks via Smashwords.

    Your site has been invaluable to me over the past week or so as I try to get my head around what I need to do to maximise the quality of the printed version of her book. Thank you.

    I’m interested that in your ‘blueprint’, you suggest that 5.5×8.5 as being the most popular size for a novel. I had put a ruler to several novels from my shelf and found them all to be 4.37×7. Maybe this is a measurement of my age. Have ‘typical’ book sizes increased?

    I’m now leaning towards 5×7. My concern is that with this first book of two in a series, it is only 28000 words. Using a larger book trim brings the page count down somewhat which might affect the way it’s perceived by parents looking to purchase. The books form a fantasy for kids say 9-13.

    I’m leaning towards using either Legend or Flourish for the template, though from other posts you’ve written it seems to me that moving to InDesign would be a smart move earlier rather than later. To this end, are you also producing your templates for InDesign? IngramSpark seems to favour InDesign; the cover templates work in that application as well.


    Peter (on behalf of Skye)

  2. Christina Pilz

    Thank you so much for all of this great information; I love that you provide finished and polished templates.

    I have a question for you. I like the templates, but want to tweak them so that the running header doesn’t include my name, but rather the name of the particular chapter…..for that, MS Word has a way to have the header pick up the Table of Contents entry. Do you have that, or can I tweak it, by adding a Table of Contents, and connecting that to the header?

    Regards and Thank you,


    • Tracy Atkins

      Hello Christina,

      You can easily change the running heads to include the chapter name. We have an illustrated guide for this in our formatting guide that make it a breeze.


      • Christina E. Pilz

        It was a breeze, honestly. It’s been the easiest part of the whole publishing journey, using one of your templates. Well, almost. : D
        My finished work looks terrific. I’m looking to try a slightly different template next time, to update the look and feel.

  3. Maria Gunstone

    Dear Joel, I have had to convert approx. 1,000 A4 pages from PageMaker to InDesign and rescan 2,500 line drawings into tiffs that were previously saved as picts. As you can imagine this has been quite a marathon task!
    Now I am ready to complete the dtp to accommodate POD as well as media and would be grateful if you could help me with a suitable InDesign template. A test run would always be possible if you agreed to take my work on board!! I am very much Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Debbie Howard

    I’m working on a non-fiction book and would love to be one of your testers.


  5. Kelly Lenihan

    Hello, I would be interested in testing a non-fiction template for you.
    Thank you,

  6. joseph foster

    Which theme would you suggest using for a motivational/religious book? I just finished my new book “Outrageous Vision” and really want to change the format. AsAp

    • Tracy R. Atkins

      Good morning Joseph,

      All of our templates have a slightly different look and feel. If you want to convey some strong ideas, Balance and Crimson might be two really good options for you.

      Thank you,

  7. Martan Mann

    Hi Joel –
    I really would like to get started using your non-fiction templates for InDesign. Can I be one of your testers? Thanks.

    • Martan Mann

      To be clear . . . I’m referring to ebooks.

  8. Diana Cohen

    I’m working on children’s books and wonder which of your templates would be best. If you would like a tester without a lot of experience, I’d happily provide a novice’s perspective.

    • Tracy R. Atkins

      Hello Diana,

      All of our templates will work great for literature/literary fiction, so it really comes down which template has the look you like best and conveys your subject-matter the best.

      Personally, I like the lettering in Legend. :)

      Thank you a bunch,

  9. Diana Cohen

    I’m working on children’s books and wonder which of your templates would be best. If you would like a tester without a lot of experience, I’d happily provide a novice’s perspective.

  10. Billie

    Hi, Joel! I’m really excited about your new templates. I’m a systems engineer, so I’d like to be a part of your testing team as I have a lot of experience in software testing (it’s my job). I have latest editions of Word and InDesign and have a suggestion for a template. I usually save a lot of articles from the web to my hard drive, so the idea is to create a well-formatted ebook with clickable TOC out of these resources. I think such a template is very needed, so I can contribute myself to creating one under your guidance. Thank you very much for all the inspiring information you share!

  11. Katy

    I downloaded the Book Construction Blueprint and “Crimson” for an ebook try. Excited to check out both. I also looked at Aeternum, which you say uses “Crimson,” but it doesn’t look the same as the template sample. Just checking!

    You may cover this somewhere, but is there an optimal MB size for photos/graphics in e-books so files don’t add unnecessary cost to the book or make for clunky loading? All while maintaining quality. Mine is a standard novel, so only author photo, but seems good to know.

    As always, thanks for all you do and for the discount!

    • Joel Friedlander

      Hi Katy,

      The print book templates have a lot of features that won’t work in ebooks, and that’s why we have separate templates for each, os if you were looking at the print template, it won’t look exactly like the ebook template.

      You’re not likely to have any difficulties with your filies if you only have an author photo. There’s a discussion in the comments about image sizes here: Adding Photos and Creating PDFs in Microsoft Word

      • Katy Pye

        Thanks, I see now what confused me.

  12. Leanne Tremblay

    Just bought Balance! Your offer was too good to pass up. Thanks for providing such thorough info on self publishing and book design. I’m especially interested in Blog to Book conversions and ways to make that as painless as possible. There’s a divide I think between folks wanting an archive of their blog, and folks wanting to curate their own content and turn it into a book (for profit or promotion). There’s a place for both!

  13. Martan Mann

    I’ve decided to use Adobe InDesign to publish my ebook music course. The course is designed as an ebook and also separately as a college internet course. It will be using approximately 200 videos. Should I wait for your non-fiction templates? Thanks.

  14. Martan Mann

    I’ve decided to use Adobe InDesign to publish my ebook music course. The course is designed as an ebook and also separately as a college internet course. It will be using approximately 200 videos. Should I wait for your non-fiction templates? Thanks.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Martin, I’m not sure how a book with 200 videos is going to work, since you could end up with a file so large that it would be impractical to implement. Our nonfiction templates will start to be available in the next couple of weeks.

      • Martan Mann

        Please put me on your list of potential “testers” for your non-fiction templates. I especially want to use Adobe InDesign 6. Thanks.

  15. Frank Kellogg

    i’m in the research stage of epublishing a fiction novel that currently resides on word and came across your service. very interested in having the interior design work done for me. my apologies if this question is silly (as i’m technically challenged) but does using your template allow for a trouble-free conversion from microsoft word to ebook publishers such as amazon, smashwords, etc?

    • Joel Friedlander


      We have both print templates and ebook templates for the same designs. You can purchase either one, but you’ll want to use the ebook template for ebook conversions, which work quite well from the template. The print templates are designed to be exported to reproduction-quality PDF which is sent to your book printer or PoD vendor.

      • Frank Kellogg

        thanks, joel…

        does my existing word manuscript just “drop” into your template and conform or do i have to go through it, indenting first graphs, etc. etc. to make it all work? also, in order for your ebook templates to output seemlessly to kindle, smashwords, etc, is tweaking typically required to get it right?

        • Joel Friedlander

          Hi Frank,

          Here’s how it works: when you open the template you’ll see some sample text, which you’ll want to remove and replace with your own file. You’ll then need to attach styles to your text to identify chapter numbers, chapter titles, normal text, and so on. In some cases you may need to insert a page break or a section break, and all these operations are clearly spelled out, with pictures, in our Formatting Guide. The paragraph indents, type sizes, appearance, spacing and alingments are all pre-formatted in the Word styles.

          You shouldn’t need to do much “tweaking” to get your ebooks right, but that’s going to depend on what’s in your file right now, which of course, we don’t know. But if you have a few hundred extra spaces, your file—with our template or without—will need to be corrected before it will pass Smashwords’ inspection.

  16. Joanna Hyatt

    1. I’m willing to help test out the non-fiction template, if that is still needed.

    2. Do the new templates allow you to turn the text from RGB to Grayscale, and create a PDF that has all the right specs? That’s the problem I’ve run into when sending my manuscript to the printer

    Thank you!

    • Joel Friedlander

      Hi Joanna,

      Thanks for volunteering, we may be at capacity by now but we’ll keep your name on the list if needed.

      The templates format for black and white text, so unless you change a setting or drop color images into your file, you shouldn’t have any problems with your PDF output.

  17. Todd Priest

    Hi Joel:

    Along with all the “Word templates” options, it would be great to have InDesign formatted templates with a layed PSD (photoshop) book cover template, ebook version all ready to go for CreateSpace or Lightning Source.

    You would be helping both the “Word” and InDesign people!

  18. Jennie Nash

    I am putting the finishing touches on a non fiction book called The Writers’ Guide to Agony and Defeat, which is a list of 47 of the worst moments in the writing life. It has numbered entries and quotes. I plan on producing an ebook first and a physical book to follow. I would love to be one of your non fiction testers and could test ebook tempaltes, physical book templates, or both.

    I was going to buy a template at the 50% rate before the deadline on Thursday, but with the non fiction templates coming, it sounds like I should wait.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Jennie, if you’re proficient with Word you could probably incorporate your numbered paragraphs and quotes into one of the fiction templates we have on the site now. Both of these elements will be included in the nonfiction templates. But to be honest, I don’t ever plan promotions in advance, so waiting might be a good idea, or it might not, it’s up to you.

  19. Todd Priest

    I need non-fiction, biographical type books with indexes. So InDesign
    is really my only option! I have used it for many years but
    would like a really professional interior book templates available with styles.
    There are a lot of people out here that use InDesign but, they might not be a great interior book designer. They are good at graphics, placing text, etc. BUT need a good InDesign template to start with!

    Do you have any options? Now or in the future for me?

    • Joel Friedlander

      Todd, I hear you. In my book design business I’ve often designed professional-grade templates for clients who are capable with InDesign, and that works out pretty well.

      And yes, there will be gorgeous, fully-formatted InDesign templates coming soon, they just take quite a bit longer to develop and test. Stay tuned.

      • Susan Holmes

        These templates are beautiful; thank you very much! I’ve put together several books using Word (including two books way back in the early 90s–remember Word then?) Your templates manage the kerning etc. that I’ve seriously struggled with. Count on me for multiple purchases!

        Am now attempting to learn InDesign and feeling quite illiterate; eagerly await those templates.

  20. Jackie Kazik

    I just want to correct my comment above…….the templates currently do not seem perfect for MY TEXTBOOK — primarily because my text will be 8.5 x 11 and that is not available yet.

    These templates are PERFECT for the fiction book I am authoring — and I will likely buy two — one for a genealogy and one for the fiction.

    This has been an invaluable website!!

  21. JoAnn Collins

    I am excited about these templates; wish I could get in on the first batch but need to wait for the non fiction. Would love to be a tester! Thanks for developing this :) JoAnn

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks, JoAnn, I’ve added your name to our list.

  22. Jackie Kazik

    I am in the final stages of preparing a non-fiction review text — about 700,000 characters. Was just deciding on whether or not to purchase InDesign this week — so this is serendipitous!

    It is B&W text primarily – but there are illustrations, tables and graphics. I have been struggling with some formatting issues in Word — but it’s been very easy and convenient to get copy down quickly in Word, and I know that InDesign will be an endeavour in its own right and I will lose valuable time just trying to figure out how to use it.

    None of these available templates look quite right — and I see that you are working on developing non-fiction templates. I am looking for a 8.5 x 11 template.

    I would be interested in having you use my book as a test for a template if you are interested.

    still out to the copy editor, but will be finished in the next day or two. Also need to index and that was my hesitation with InDesign –indexing is so much easier in Word.

    let me know if you are interested.

    You have been a tremendous help to me — your information is exactly what a self-publisher needs! thanks for the cover design info too –I have a young and novice graphic design graduate who is using it to create a very professional looking cover for me!

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks, Jackie.

      We’ve had many requests for both nonfiction and large format templates and we’re working on them right now. It’s never going to be as easy or reliable to place images in Word as it is in InDesign, but the template will go a long way toward helping.

      To stay up to date on these new releases, please get on our mailing list by downloading the Book Construction Blueprint from the site.

  23. Erica Conroy

    I did a dumb thing. I accidentally purchased the single book license instead of the multibook one. Any way I can fix this without losing too much money?

  24. ABeth

    Do you only offer .docx, then, and not .doc? Because I’m using an older version of Word (it takes so long to beat them into submission that I try to never upgrade), and I don’t even know if it will read a docx file.

    • Tracy R. Atkins

      Hello ABeth,

      The DOCX format files utilize XML which is a really great programming method to encode a document like a book template.

      However, we do realize that sometimes you need a legacy format and we are looking at including a .DOC in with our packages as a backup for our clients in the near future.

      If you need one immediately for an already purchased template, please give me an email at [email protected] and I will send you a .DOC copy of the template you purchased, no problem.

      (This offer is open for any customer that would like/need one.)

      • ABeth

        I haven’t ordered yet, but when you have a .doc version available, that’ll be awesome. Thanks!

    • Eldon Sarte

      ABeth, I too use an older version of Word. But sometime back (it’s been a while) I remember getting a free utility directly from Microsoft that enabled my version to handle the newer .docx format. Be able to read and import them at the very least.

      So check Microsoft support. They may have something for you to handle .docx with your version. If memory serves, your MS Word can’t be that old, I think 2002 is the oldest (so if you have, say, Word 97 or 2000 you may be out of luck), but since 2002 is a decade old, probably a good chance that you have at least that. Hope that helps…

      • ABeth

        The Compatibility pack (linked by Mr. Atkins) only works for PC versions of Word, from what I can see. I’m running Word X for the Mac on my battered but beloved MacBook Air (first generation of Airs). Word X for the Mac appears to be a 2001 application, if I’m reading the “About Word” popup properly.

        Like I said: I really, really hate breaking in new versions of Word once I’ve got the app kneeling and calling me Queen. };)

          • ABeth

            Newest version of Word? Saw it on the latest Airbooks when we were in the store last. Hated what they did to the Search-and-Replace window. I get more writing done when I’m not screaming at my word-processor for not doing what I have incorporated into my Process — and my Air’s too old to upgrade the OS anyway, I’m pretty sure.

            (Plus I no longer have money to get a new computer. On the other hand, my mom’s mortgage is getting paid these past few months, which is probably more important, since this computer still chugs along fine.)

        • eldon Sarte

          ABeth, well, since Tracy said he’ll you the .doc version when you get the template, no worries then.

          On a related aside, if all you need is to read a .docx, just to see/read and even copy-and-paste what’s in it, try this:

          Got a free Google Drive account. That free cloud storage service which now incorporates Google Docs (which is what I use to write on the cloud). It can be set up to read and convert .docx files. Client or whoever sends you a .docx you want to read, send it there then just extract the contents. Don’t know what it’ll do with templates or any documents with complicated formatting, but for more normal or general .docx documents (bulk of what I see), it works just fine as a free converter you can get to ANYWHERE you’ve got a Net connection. Heck, have used it with my smartphone…

          • Mark Kerr

   will drop a docx down to .doc fairly painlessly (among a few dozen other useful conversions – word to pdf, tiff to jpg etc etc).

  25. Eldon Sarte

    Hi Joel
    Nifty looking templates! Just saw that you were looking for a few “testers” for nonfic. Timing – I was about to get started on doing a CreateSpace POD version of my Wordpreneur Reloaded Kindle book. I could test a template of yours if you’re interested. (Please let me know when you can, so if a no go with you, I can proceed with my project on my own as planned.).

    FYI, Wordpreneur Reloaded is a good-sized book, almost 60K words, and made up of a few years’ worth of Wordpreneur posts (which I took off the site when I did the book). So it may be a good test for a template designed for that kind of application (repackaging blog posts into a book). Lots of heads and subheads, probably more so than the normal book. You can check out its Amazon sales page at:

    In any event, the templates look good. Making a mental note to try one out next time I have a print project.


    • Joel Friedlander


      Thanks for that. Yes, we will add you to the list of testers, much appreciated.

      I’m interested in your strategy of taking the posts off your blog that you included in your book, and would like to know how that ends up working out for you, on both sides. Can you keep me in the loop and let me know how it goes? Thanks.

      • Eldon Sarte

        Thanks for adding me to the list, Joel. And yes, I’ll keep you updated on the blog-to-book strategy. My initial reasoning for it was that the archives weren’t really being used much nor did they benefit anyone except for the occasional visitor wandering in from a search engine, so just moved all the content off (hand-picked, cleaned up and organized, of course to make it more valuable, in essence) and basically create a new “product” that, at the very least, will be of benefit in the portfolio instead of doing essentially nothing and taking up space. Now I’m thinking some folks may prefer a print version instead, hence CreateSpace and your templates.

        • Joel Friedlander

          It makes sense, Eldon. Especially if you can get it formatted and up for sale, you stand to profit from the content a lot more than if it sat in your archives. And I reckon more people will get to read it, too. Good luck with the project.

  26. Sharon Lippincott

    I’m busily telling the world about these fantastic templates. If you had the large page version ready right now, I could have sold it ten minutes ago, so glad to hear it’s near.

    I’m putting the final touches on a non-fiction project that would be perfect for trying out your template, so please sign me up for your test group.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Many thanks, Sharon, I really appreciate it.

      We purposely launched with a small selection of fairly simple templates with plans to grow the offerings according to the demand.

      Needless to say, we are now working on the nonfiction, large format and standalone ebook templates to get them out as soon as feasible.

      We will add you to the list of testers.

  27. Marie at Rural Living Today

    We were excited to see your new products and are waiting for your nonfiction ebook templates to become available before publishing our first book. We’d be happy to be in your test group!

  28. Marcy Kennedy

    Which of the current templates would you suggest for a fantasy? Or if there’s not a template yet that would work well for a fantasy, will one be coming in the near future?

    I’d also be interested in being a tester for the non-fiction template.

    • Tracy R. Atkins

      Hello Marcy,

      I think the “Legend” template would look great in a fantasy genre book.


      • Marcy Kennedy

        Thanks for the feedback! I was torn between the “Legend” template and the “Crimson.” I really like the dropcap at the start of each chapter in “Crimson.”



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