Tom Evans and The Art and Science of Lightbulb Moments [Video]

by | Jul 19, 2011

I had the great pleasure last week to interview Tom Evans @TheBookwright. Tom is an author and a bit of a renaissance man who also creates apps for iOs, consults with authors and has a background in engineering.

But I think of Tom as an expert on creativity, and that’s where his new book, The Art and Science of Lightbulb Moments, comes in. In it, Tom shows how, through ideas and practical exercises, anyone can have unlimited creativity. Sound good? Watch the video and see what you think.

In the 27:06 video, we discuss

  • The scientific method as applied to lightbulb moments
  • How did an electronic engineer become an author, hypnotherapist and writer’s unblocker?
  • How do you know you’ve had a lightbulb moment as opposed to any old thought?
  • What stops lightbulb moments?
  • What encourages them?
  • The role of practical exercises in stimulating creativity.
  • How Tom combines influences of East and West in his practical awareness exercises.
  • How mindmapping helped Tom complete his book.

(Note: If you don’t see the video, please reload or refresh your screen. There are a few instances of audio interference during the video, but none last more than about 3 seconds, sorry for the inconvenience.)


Books by Tom Evans: 100 years of Ermintrude, Blocks, Flavors of Thought all available through the author’s website
The Art and Science of Lightbulb Moments on Amazon

More bonuses from Tom:
Getting in the Zone (also cures headaches I heard)
How to Quieten Your Mind
Embedding Mind Maps in your Neurology (scroll down for this one)

Photo by Ben.Chaney

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  1. m

    I leave a question for a different entry if you have an answer and find the time.

    It’s not about e-books, but with all the buzz around multimedia content, could you do an overlook of the different ways that book designers have to ease the access to multimedia content (be it DVD’s, USB sticks, serial numbers, QR codes, etc…), and if there is THE way of doing it.

    thank you very much

  2. Tom Evans

    Thanks so much Karen and Patrick for your feedback – and Joel, I will make sure my phone is well and truly off next time !!!

  3. Patrick Troccolo

    I want to thank both you and Tom Evans for the enlightening interview.
    You are both wonderfully creative fellows.


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