Thursday: Meet Dave Chilton, Master Publisher and Book Marketer

by | Jul 11, 2017

This week I have a real treat for you.

On Thursday I will be interviewing, live, Dave Chilton, venture capitalist, television personality, and multimillionaire who built his fortune by… self-publishing!

Yes, you read that right. Chilton spent several years on the Canadian television show “Dragon’s Den,” (the forerunner of “Shark Tank”) but he began his career by self-publishing his book The Wealthy Barber in 1989. The book investigates the lives of three young individuals who regularly visit a local barber for financial advice, and has become one of the best selling Canadian books of all time, selling over two million copies since its release.

Dave went on to publish many books, selling millions of copies from a small, two-person office well off the beaten track of the publishing world.

Along the way, and true to his entrepreneurial instincts, Dave went on to discover exactly what works in publishing and selling nonfiction books. He’s had so many requests from people who want to “pick his brain” that he decided to create an entire course filled with the accumulated knowledge and experience he’s gained in book publishing.

Obviously, Dave isn’t doing this for the money, he’s fine in that regard. But, as he’s told me, he’s seen so many authors with otherwise good books who never make an impact, he really wants to educate them with the insights he’s gained over the years.

I’ve been talking to Dave off and on as he developed the video course, and I have to tell you, he’s one of the most exciting people to talk to about book marketing and publishing I’ve ever met.

He really knows this stuff, and it’s not that often you get to talk to someone with Dave Chilton’s track record to learn the ins and outs of how to sell tons of books.

So I leapt at the chance to bring him to my readers to share his wealth of information.

On Thursday, we’ll have a one-hour conversation about books and how to publish and sell them successfully. There will be no slides, we’ll be talking live, so this is a great opportunity to ask questions of an author/publisher who has sold millions of books.

When was the last time you could do that?

Webinar Details

Join me and Dave for this one-time-only event. Here are the details:

When: Thursday, July 13, 1:00 p.m. Pacific (4:00 p.m. Eastern)
Cost: Free
Register: Webinar Registration Page

Webinar Agenda

What we’ll be talking about:

  • How Dave and other successful publishers have used physical excerpts of books to dramatically increase their bottom lines and also to grow their brand awareness. This is, for sure, one of the greatest opportunities in book marketing today!
  • How adding one sheet to a PR kit, one simple sheet (Dave calls it his “miracle sheet”), has increased media-campaign success levels by as much as 500%! A true “must follow” idea.
  • How Dave’s son, Scott, borrowed the Netflix model, applied it to publishing and struck a $400,000 deal in one day!
  • How Dave stole an idea from Harlequin and used it to partner with Coke to get an offer for one of his cookbooks placed on 5.5 million cases and 2L bottles of Diet Coke. This is a truly amazing story that will open your mind to all kinds of partnership opportunities.
  • Why Dave believes that many blogging and other social-media efforts are a VERY inefficient use of most authors’ time and what online marketing they should be focusing on instead.
  • How an innovative “Angel” taught Dave that sometimes, when it comes to generating buzz, WAY less is WAY more. You’ll love this easy approach.
  • How Dave repeatedly used a “can’t-say-no-to” pitch angle to get his books into unusual distribution channels including lube shops, smoothie bars, hair salons, bank branches and many more.
  • How a new player on the PR front is picking up steam and moving tons of books, yet not drawing the attention of many book marketers. This underrated gem should be a big part of all authors’ efforts.

This is going to be a great event. Like all webinars, seating is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot today.

See you on the webinar!


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  1. Shannon

    Hello, I was on the webinar yesterday and it was great. I’m trying to put my hands on the info about the follow-on course now, but I’m having trouble. Did I miss an email?



    • Joel Friedlander


      Sorry, the email went out later than I expected, but you should have it by now. If not, see this page: The Chilton Method.

    • Shannon

      No problem, it arrived yesterday. Thanks so much!

  2. Ernie Zelinski

    You say, “He really knows this stuff.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have known David since the early 1990’s and have always looked at him as a self-publishing role model as I have looked at Robert J. Ringer.

    The problem with a lot of self-proclaimed self-publishing experts and book marketing experts out there today is that don’t know their stuff. What makes this evident is the number of copies of their own books that they have sold. I have encountered way too many so-called book experts with book sales records that are pathetic. These are usually the ones who are saying silly, false things such as “every author needs a blog” and “social media is absolutely essential for marketing a book.” In the words of guru Rajneesh, “the less people know, the more stubbornly they know it.”

    The bottom line is that David Chilton has sold millions of copies of his own books as well as helping the Podleski sisters sell over 850,000 copies of their LooneySpoons cookbook. This means that David knows more than 99 percent of the so-called experts out there. As Jack Canfield emphasized, “Results don’t lie.”

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks for filling in, Ernie. I hope you can make the event.


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