This Week in the Blogs, September 4 – 10, 2011

POSTED ON Sep 11, 2011

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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The year is starting to turn toward fall, with everything that brings. Over here the pace is heating up, and from this week’s articles you can see the seriousness with which authors are approaching their new roles as publishers and proprietors of their own content. It’s a good thing, so enjoy them.

Dean Wesley Smith on Dean Wesley Smith
E-Book Price Post Redone
“And on these lists what we all read over and over is personal examples of how it worked for that person, or that person’s sister, or mother. So I thought I would try to just lay out some facts and where we stand on this subject right now.”

L. Frank Turovich on The Missing Wizard
Dueling Publishing Processes: The Many Ways They Say No
“There have been a host of articles and blog posts about the “fear” some authors are experiencing with the changes going on in publishing today… There is so much misinformation being thrown around by publishing companies, agents, PR firms, distributors, booksellers, and others as they try to justify their existence and revenue streams.”

Sue Collier on Self-Publishing Resources
5 ways to promote your book months—or years—after the initial publication date
“So how can you generate renewed interest in a book that was published a year ago or more? Here a few ideas: (Note that these tips are also useful even if your book was just published.)”

James Moushon on Self-Publishing Review
eBook Authors: Errors and the Dreaded Stigma of Self-Publishing
“There has been an increase in errors and poor formatting introduced by the new digital books compared to their pbook counterparts to be sure. So what has gone wrong? And why are these mistakes happening?”

Passive Guy on The Passive Voice
What Happens When an Author Dies?
“You’ve probably heard of authors who appoint a literary executor, someone who manages their books and copyrights. This person is probably not an executor in the legal sense, because the executor of someone’s estate has no continuing power after the probate court closes the estate. A literary executor will be working much longer.”

Blog Notes

Response to our request for submissions to our new e-Book Cover Design Awards has been terrific. Assuming I’m able to get through all the entries, look for the first edition of that series to debut tomorrow. I hope you’ll stop in for a look.

And if you’re reading this in your inbox, you’ll want to click over to the blog so you can see the covers in all their glory.

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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