This Week in the Blogs, September 25 – October 1, 2011

POSTED ON Oct 2, 2011

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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I’ll admit that I’m head-down and deep into a project long in the making. But not so head-down that I missed the amazing writing you’re about to read. And whatever you do, don’t miss the first one, because we all have to be ready for the age of the e-book. Happy reading.

Mike Shatzkin on Idealog
Four years into the ebook revolution: things we know and things we don’t know.
“Many people in publishing believed that reading on a screen would take many years to take hold, if it ever would. Now … we are living in a changed world, although not yet a transformed one. But transformed might be coming very soon.”

John Kremer on Ask John Kremer
31 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page
“If you want your Facebook fan page to be effective and stand out, you have to get people to find and like your page. Here are a few ways to do that.”

Jonathan Fields on Copyblogger
A Social Media Marketing Case Study: Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields
“With the launch of my new book… I decided to take things to an entirely different level, test a bunch of new strategies, and bring video strongly into the picture. I knew some things would hit big and others would bomb. The results, though, surprised even me. Here’s how it’s unfolded …”

James Gill on The Tech-Savvy Writer
Betting the Farm on Self-Publishing
“I delved deeper into the publishing world. I decided to (a) start this website, (b) finish a novel, and (c) get serious about publishing. To go all in, to bet the farm, to risk big. To share what I did know, get more creative, and maybe help a few other writers along the way.”

Michael N. Marcus on Book Making
The shit list: America’s worst self-published books
“It’s both sad and funny that most of the stinkers try to provide advice about publishing books. I hope you’ll avoid the mistakes of the stinkers so your work won’t be featured in Volume Two. We don’t need more bad books.”

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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