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Joel Friedlander

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This weekend I’m at the San Francisco Writers for Change Conference. This is my second year here and it’s one of my favorite publishing events. A great venue in the First Unitarian Universalist church on Geary Boulevard, lots of industry experts, and attendees who are almost all nonfiction writers all help to make it special. And these authors are focused on creating change in the world. Self-publishing is a great vehicle for change. Think about how your books might change the world while you check out this week’s selections. Happy reading!

Miral Sattar on BiblioCrunch
Submitting your Book to NOOK Press – Formerly BN PubIt!
“NOOK Press has a lot of neat features, but the most important thing is that if you were using BN PubIt to upload your books to Barnes and Noble, you will now have to submit your books using NOOK Press. We’ve broken down the steps for you below.”

Jane Friedman on VQR
Is Self-Publishing the Most Important Transformation in the Publishing Industry?
“Until the day of convergence comes (if it comes), it was clear from the panel that self-publishing—and digital publishing specifically—is providing a needed and profitable path for mid-list authors, who may be dropped by their traditional houses if they haven’t broken out by their third or fourth book.”

Rachel Thompson on
Brand The Author, Not The Book!
“If you market your book and not you, the author, you risk not only creating all types of extra work for yourself, but diluting your branding as well. Let’s deconstruct.”

Kimberley Grabas on Your Writer Platform
14 Things About Building a Blog Audience That You Think Are True (But Aren’t)
“To stay sober, you’ll need to keep repeating this mantra: “It’s the level of engagement not the size of my following that really matters.” Instead of building numbers, build super fans. Super fans are worth their weight in gold.”

Kate Baum on Self-Publishing Review
Self-Publishing Comic Books
“One facet to self-publishing we at SPR have never really touched on is the potential for self-publishing comic books. We met three interesting self-publishers at San Diego Comic Fest whose comic books are highly entertaining, and use a slightly different model to fiction paperback self-publishers – a lot of selling is done at conventions, in shops and on their own websites as a result of their offline marketing – maybe there is something to be learned here for paperback writers!”

Blogging for Authors Presentation in San Francisco this Thursday

I’ll be speaking this Thursday at Mechanic’s Institute Library in San Francisco. And it’s one of my favorite topics: Blogging for Authors. Here’s the program description:

As an author, you’re in a uniquely valuable position to realize the potential that’s in your own work. In this presentation you’ll see how you can use your knowledge to become a trusted authority, build an online asset, and use your content to attract an endless flow of engaged readers just looking for what you have to offer. This presentation will show you the latest innovations writers are using to build a sustainable business, how opportunities can start chasing you, and just how many ways there are to profit from your expertise.

More information here: Blogging for Authors

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Joel Friedlander

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Joel Friedlander

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