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POSTED ON Nov 7, 2010

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Fall colors are everywhere, sweaters have made their appearance in balmy Northern California. Lots of technical articles this week on ePub and InDesign, a good read on the future of publishing, newly coined words, and some advice about creating your titles and subtitles. It’s Sunday, relax and catch up on your reading.

Mick Rooney on POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing
Reassemble or Be Damned (or how humpty-dumpty publishing should be put back together again)
“Remember, the book is no longer intrinsically a physical paper product. Its strength is now it’s rebirth as a piece of digital content – capable of dissemination into a multitude of delivered channels. Publishers need to acknowledge they are going to have to do what they did hundreds of years ago when they moved from being simply printing presses to being publishers. Now, the real adjustment and challenge is for them to alter their models of business and move from being publishers to providers of ‘content’ products.”

L.J. Sellers on The Blood-Red Pencil
2010’s New Words
“Fellow word lovers, I thought you might like to see a sample of the new words, phrases, and abbreviations that were added to 2010 New Oxford American Dictionary.”

Cari Jansen on
Footnotes and Endnotes with InDesign…
“Regardless of how you import the styles and formatting from Word, it is a good idea to set-up a character style for the footnote reference text and a paragraph style for the footnote text.”

Liz Castro on Pigs, Gourds and Wikis
Editing EPUB files right in the iPad
“Being able to make edits directly to your EPUB on the iPad (or an iPhone) is a huge time saver.”

Brian Scott on Book Publishing News
Book Marketing and Book Publicity: Why a Book’s Subtitle is So Important
“A book’s main title is designed to make an impact, catch attention, and pique interest. The subtitle does the rest of the work. It explains, or should explain, in a very specific way exactly what a book is about.”

And for Something A Little Different . . .

Jennifer Kennard on Letterology
America Needs Typography 101
“There is one thing that has become crystal clear to me: America needs to learn how to make their own signage. It’s like learning how to make a good thought bubble, except without Comic Sans.”

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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