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POSTED ON Apr 5, 2015

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Whether you’re having a big family gathering today, indulging in the chocolate treats of the season, or just having a normal Sunday, I hope you enjoy your day. And, don’t forget to check out these great articles from self-publishing and writing blogs this week.

Matt Kaye on Jane Friedman
What You Need to Know About Crowdfunded Publishing
“As if deciding between self-publishing and traditional publishing wasn’t confusing enough for writers, you can now find publishing models that borrow elements from each. An example is crowdfunded publishing, an option that is growing in popularity.”

Ruth Ann Nordin on Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors
Where to Publish (For New Writers Who Are Looking to Self-Publish)
“The question came in, “What places can an author publish his book?” In this video, we answer this, but I’ll include the highlights below so you can read it instead if you wish.”

Penny Sansevieri on Author Marketing Experts, Inc.
50 Things to Tweet About
“Most of your tweets should be about helping others, but you also need to inject some personality, to put the “social” into social networking and help people get to know you. Here are 50 ideas for tweeting or promoting:”

C. Hope Clark on Funds for Writers
Finding Book Reviews
“Wherever you find authors collected, the topic will come up: “Where do you get your book reviews?” … Word-of-mouth is considered the best tool to spread the word and make sales for your book; however, book reviews count for a lot, too. When you consider that Amazon considers review activity when selecting books for their promotional specials, you realize that word-of-mouth might not necessarily reach Jeff Bezos’ ears, so you beat the bushes for reviews.”

Melissa Bowersock on Indies Unlimited
SELF-e: Connecting Indie Authors with Libraries
“Recently I was notified that my novel, Stone’s Ghost, was selected for the SELF-e program. This is a fairly new program designed to connect indie authors with libraries and create a win-win partnership.”



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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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