This Week in the Blogs: March 21 – 27, 2010

by | Mar 28, 2010

There’s such a big helping of self-publishing talk in this week’s blogs, I’ve kept the load down to three satisfying posts from an editor, an agent, and a self-published author. And don’t miss The Epiphany Moment, it’s a unique experience.

Alan Rinzler on Alan Rinzler’s Blog
How Self-Publishing Can Lead to a Real Book Deal
“A successfully self-published book can propel you down the road to a book contract at a commercial publishing house. That’s the truth of the matter, despite the worries I hear from writers that self-publishing could doom their hopes of ever landing a real book deal.”

Nathan Bransford on Nathan Bransford’s Blog
Should You Self-Publish? Ten Questions to Ask Yourself
“thought the best way to organize this post would be with a series of questions that someone who is considering self-publishing should answer.”

John Sundman in Self-Publishing Review
Adventures in Self-Publishing
“The internets & people like me are transforming the book publishing biz. Will this circumvention & (in some cases) evisceration of the book-publishing houses ultimately prove to be a good thing?”

And for Something Completely Different . . .

Matt Cheuvront on Life Without Pants
The Epiphany Moment
“Has there been a moment in your life when it all clicked? Where it all came together and everything made sense?”

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