This Week in the Blogs, June 2 – 8, 2013

by | Jun 9, 2013

It’s turned warm here in our part of the world, bringing a welcome time of year for most. Lots of folks have headed outdoors, but I hope you’ll stop for a few minutes to look over the work of some of our bloggers this week. Your time will be richly rewarded.

James Altucher on Copyblogger
21 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing 2.0
“This list is about writing, building your audience, publishing vs. self-publishing, self-publishing, and what I call “team-publishing” which is the direction you need to go if you want to professionally self-publish.”

James Moushon on Self-Publishing Review
Free eBook Promotions Can Be Pure Gold for Authors
“One lesson I learned was you needed more than a general goal of being a successful writer. Giving your work away for nothing had to have a purpose for me. I know some authors refuse to give their books away. Being a relatively new author, I needed to get my work out in the reader’s hands.”

Mick Rooney on The Independent Publishing Magazine
Ingram Spark: A Flash of Lightning or A Bolt of Reality for Self-Publishers?
“Spark is not a replacement for LSI, but rather a reaction to how LSI has developed over the past few years. It is a service from Ingram intended for the small publisher, not for self-publishers.”

Dan Blank on We Grow Media
Tweeting is not a Marketing Strategy
“Preparing for success is not about getting “followers” on social media. It is about crafting meaningful work and connecting it with the right readers.”

Martin Crosbie on Indies Unlimited
How I Run My KDP Select Free Promotions
“My recent promotions have been most effective when I have one of my books for free and another at a discounted price, and I utilize some paid advertising to promote both books. Sorry, I know I said I’d try and dilute the confusion but it’s hard to do that when the rules of the game change almost weekly.”


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  1. Ruth Schwartz

    Quick question, Joel. How do I get my picture to show up in my comments on your blog? The link is there to my website, which is awesome, and I would love for people to see my shining face as well. How do I do that? (Posting here because I am sure other commenters would like to know too.)

  2. Ruth Schwartz

    Joel – Thanks so much for including James Altucher’s article on Copyblogger: “21 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing 2.0.” It is long, but very thorough, and I actually learned something that I didn’t know. He talks about writing on related sites, and I plan to post the question about how do you go about finding those sites and getting yourself set up to write for them. This is separate from guest blogging, I think. Wondering what your thoughts are about this particular subject.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Yes, it’s different from guest posting and I generally refer to this as “blog marketing.” Looking through my posts, I don’t think I’ve written specifically on this, so it’s now on my “upcoming articles” list, so thanks.



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