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POSTED ON Jun 23, 2013

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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I just got back from a drive through west Marin, and the beauty of this part of the world never fails to inspire me. Rolling hills, tall redwoods, ambling cattle, farms, little general stores, peacefulness and the Pacific just over the line of hills next to Route 1. But we all have some time over the weekend, and that’s why I’ve gathered these articles from around the blogs. Pull up a seat and enjoy.

Sharon Bially on Writer Unboxed
Dos and Don’ts for a Good Self-Published PR Experience
“Be prepared to write, write and write. Guest blog posts and bylined articles on news websites are probably the most widespread forms of media exposure for self-published authors. They’re also extremely powerful at generating visibility.”

Corina Koch MacLeod and Carla Douglas on Beyond Paper Editing
How to Create an Ebook With Sigil: It’s Easier Than You Think
“Sigil is a free, open source EPUB editor that allows you to create an EPUB file that you can upload to most distributors. It’s surprisingly easy to use and if you’re at all interested in having more control over how your ebook looks, Sigil allows you to do a bit of tweaking under the hood.”

Cathi Stevenson on Self-Publishing Review
What Sells a Book?
“Since covers are often only displayed at one or two inches online, a book cover is pretty much at the mercy of good advertising techniques to get the click-through on a page filled with similar books. An easily-read title and strong use of color are going to play a role.”

Porter Anderson on Jane Friedman
Writing on the Ether: While You Were Bashing Amazon
“Self-publication wasn’t a requirement of the competition, nor was it a problem. The rules of the Breakthrough Novel Award program prohibit entering material that has been under a publishing contract currently or previously. But as long as the rights have never left the author, an entry is valid.”

Sandra Beckwith on Build Book Buzz
Don’t make these 4 common author mistakes on LinkedIn
“Let’s be honest: People do business with people they know, like, and trust. LinkedIn users who are annoying miss important opportunities to connect with people who might be in their book’s target audience or are individuals they can learn from.”

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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