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Joel Friedlander

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I hope you’re enjoying your summer as much as we are here. Going away, drifting into a different life for a few weeks, untying from the day-to-day that rules the rest of the year, what can be bad? And to keep you up to date, I’ve got some great reading for you, too. Enjoy.

Mick Rooney on The Independent Publishing Magazine
Kobo Writing Life – Reviewed
“Founded in December 2009, Toronto-based Kobo has emerged in the last two years as a global DIY self-publishing platform and e-bookstore, as well as producing its own range of e-reader devices. Originally owned by Indigo Books & Music, Japanese corporation Rakuten bought a controlling, majority stake in the company in 2012. The company’s name is an anagram of ‘book’ with perhaps an unintentional nod to the Japanese origins of the word—Kōbō (Kōbō-Daishi was the posthumous name of Kūkai , a monk, civil servant, scholar, poet and artist; and Kōbō Kenichi is a former sumo wrestler!).”

Helen Sedwick on Jane Friedman
What Every Self-Published Author Needs to Know About Taxes
“Most writers don’t realize that their memoir, short story collection, children’s book, or novel could mean money in their pockets, even if sales are disappointing.”

K. S. Brooks on Indies Unlimited
Registering a HashTag
“The other day, I was chatting with an author who had registered the title of her book as a hashtag. She really had it together – mentioning the hashtag in her book, and even in her book’s description. I was wowed by this level of planning and technology.”

Anne R. Allen on Anne R. Allen’s Blog… With Ruth Harris
How to Blog: Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Author-Bloggers
“Blogging doesn’t sell books. Not directly. And it’s not a particularly good way to attract an agent (agents will glance at your blog if they’re considering your query, but mostly to make sure you’re not wearing a tinfoil hat and advocating the invasion of Canada.)”

Lindsay Buroker on Lindsay Buroker
For New Indie Authors: What I Would Do if I Were Starting Today
“Sometimes when you give publishing and marketing advice on your blog, you get a little resistance from new self publishers. But you’ve been doing this for 3+ years. You have a fan base already. You have heaps of books out already, so you’re not a nobody. It’s way different for people starting now!”

New “Build Your Own Bundle” Pricing at

We’ve just instituted a new experiment on our Template site, where authors go to get easy-to-use tools to format their own books, quickly create media kits and book proposals, and get help with their book production.

Instead of trying to put together bundles for you we let you decide. Any time you add 2 items to your shopping cart, they automatically discount 25% off the regular price.

Put 3 (or more) items in your cart, get a 35% discount, automatically.

Now you can get the advantages of “bundle pricing” anytime by creating your own bundles. We get to charge you less, you get a great deal. What’s not to like?

And if you’re wondering whether these templates will really work for you, here’s what Robin Cutler, Manager of Ingram Spark, had to say:

“Joel Friedlander’s template tools are easy to use, beautiful and so affordable. Content creators drop their Word files into one of the templates, follow the easy-to-use guide and then export out both print (PDFs) and eBook (Epub) formats. Users can take those files, upload them into IngramSpark and they work like magic.”

So click over there right now and have a look at the range of products and services on offer at the site, and take advantage of our “Build Your Own Bundle” prices: Book Design Templates


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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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