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POSTED ON Jan 13, 2013

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Sometimes it seems like the markets we sell in are themselves living, changing things. Almost everything on today’s reading menu is concerned one way or another with the ever-evolving markets for print and ebooks, and the ways we go about learning our markets. Along with a dose of layout help, I’m happy to serve it up for you.

And don’t miss the blog notes this week, lots of good things coming up.

Jane Friedman (@janefriedman) on Jane Friedman
Commodity Publishing, Self-Publishing, and The Future of Fiction
“If commodity publishing is here to stay, I can only see its future in the realm of genre fiction, because this is the area where I see sufficient reader demand to drive the kind of volume that leads to a living wage.”

Laura Pepper Wu (@LauraPepWu) on 30 Day Books
Twitter for Authors Who “Don’t Get It”
“I believe that Twitter started making sense – and becoming valuable to me – when I wrapped my head around the fact that Twitter is just another place to have a conversation that you would anywhere else on earth.”

Kristen Eckstein (@imaginestudios) on Ultimate Book Coach
How to Price Your Kindle Book to Get the Most Sales
“Why would anyone want to price outside that magical range of higher profit margins? Because sometimes the content demands it.

Nina Amir (@ninaamir ) on How to Blog a Book
Successful Bloggers Add Value to Readers’ Lives
“If you aren’t sure what benefits your blog or your blogged book provides, maybe you need to back up a few steps. Think about the added value you want to provide by blogging or by blogging your book… Ask yourself these three questions.”

Victoria McNally on Bookworks
How to Format the Interior of Your Book
“If you’re interested in putting together a print version of your book, then it’s especially important to make sure your book’s interior looks as professional as possible.”

Blog News

Tomorrow look for our latest edition of the monthly eBook Cover Design Awards, and I have a little surprise for you: our guest judge is 2-time winner Damonza, and he’s got a lot to say about this month’s covers. Don’t miss it.

On Wednesday I’ve got a real treat for you. Guy Kawasaki took some time out of his hectic schedule and, even though he’s getting over the flu, spent 33 minutes talking with me about how to make self-publishing work for you, straight out of his new book APE: Author Publisher Entreprenuer.

I’ll publish my review of the book (hint: it’s not perfect yet) and the audio interview together. Great stuff.

And finally, there’s still time to leave me your blogging success stories. Just head over to the submission page I set up. At the end of the month I’ll be taking it down, and already some of you bloggers have left me incredible and inspirational stories. I really appreciate it.


Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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