This Week in the Blogs: January 4 – January 10, 2010

POSTED ON Jan 10, 2010

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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This week, while we waited to see what new ereader would turn up at the Consumer Electronics Show, the blogs that stayed with me had a lot of typography to kick off the new year, some editorial help, an interview with a self-published novelist, and getting answers from the Chicago Manual of Style. Enjoy!

Jeff Barry on Soros Design Blog
E-books and Re-inventing the Wheel Web
“My primary irritation is the way e-book reading devices render HTML & CSS and the corresponding ways that publishers think of e-books based on this model. ”

Sue Collier on All Things Self-Publishing
Mini-tutorial on writing: part four
“As an editor and writing coach, I run across the same grammatical issues over and over again. With the help of a colleague (thanks, Jack!), I’ve assembled this “writing tutorial,” which addresses some of these.”

Gary Smailes on Bubblecow
Why not start your own book publisher?
“This interview tells the stroy of Miriam Wakerly, author of Gypsies Stop tHere. She decided to skip the traditional route of proposals and rejections and set up her own publishing company. ”

Jeff Rivera on Galleycat
Richard Nash on The End of Publishing As We Know It
“Companies … which are really evolving into publisher services businesses, will thrive in this environment since functionalities that would be called, with today’s vocabulary, editorial, design and publicity, will best reside at the community level…”

John Boardley on I Love Typography
Twenty-ten type
“May I present to you the first week in type of the 10s.”

On the Chicago Manual of Style
New Questions and Answers

Andrew Steeves on Gaspereau Press
Your typing teacher was wrong
“Even today, many people insist on a ‘double space’ following a full point. It’s a hangover from typewriter-based typing instruction and it has no place in the age of digital typography.”

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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