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POSTED ON Jan 23, 2011

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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One week moves into the next, and the books keep flowing. This week we’ve got new distribution options, Kindle talk, a questionnaire, a long interview and another piece of genius from Paul Mod. It’s all ebooks people, that’s the truth. Read on.

Brian Scott on Book Publishing News
BookBaby Makes Distribution to Kindle, iPad Easy for Independent Writers
“BookBaby throws open the doors to the electronic publishing and distribution world for independent authors, offering the highest pay-out rate for eBook distribution in the industry.”

Christy Pinheiro on The Publishing Maven
How Linking the Kindle Edition and Print Edition Affects Amazon Sales Rank
“If you’re in the top 100, you don’t need much help and your book is selling like gangbusters. If you are in the lower millions, there’s no help for you—the book is probably a dud. But if you are between 101 and 100,000, then your book is selling.”

Sue Collier on Self-Publishing Resources
Take the self-publishing quiz: Is it for you?
“Publishing your own book is not for everyone. Take this self-publishing quiz and ponder your answers.”

Israel Vasquetelle on Awareness Mogul
Inside Independent Digital Book Publishing and Distribution: Interview with SmashWords’ founder Mark Coker
“It’s difficult for these retailers to form individual relationships with every single publisher is the reason so many small publishers can get their books into these book stores. So by putting their books with us they get access to channels that they wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Craig Mod on A List Apart
A Simpler Page
“Regarding iPad book design, designers are left with a fundamental question they must answer before approaching this device: Do we embrace the physicality of the device—a spineless page with a central axis of symmetry? Or do we embrace the device’s virtual physicality—an invisible spine defined by every edge of the device, signaling the potential of additional content just a swipe away?”

Carnival of the Indies

Next week is the January issue of Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies and I have to say, it seems that each month the articles are getting better. It’s really gratifying to bring you this information-packed content from some of the best writers in indie publishing. Look for it next week.

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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