This Week in the Blogs: February 8-14, 2010

by | Feb 14, 2010

Some interesting reading this week. Enjoy!

Pablo Defendini on The New Sleekness
On Production.
“It absolutely boggles my mind that, at this late stage in the game, publishers still consider themselves somehow exempt from the repercussions of the digital revolution.”

JA Konrath on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
You Can Pry My Ebooks From My Cold, Dead Fingers
“The overwhelming conclusion I’ve come to is that ebooks will one day be the preferred method of reading. This day is inevitable, and is coming quickly. Print publishers don’t seem ready for it, and their methods to delay this eventuality will only lead to annoying their customers, piracy, and alienating their authors.”

Mick Rooney on POD, Self-Publishing and Independent Publishing
Self-Publishing Author Perspectives: Darryl Sloan
“I’ve self-published two novels and made a success of both. Here’s my perspective on self-publishing, looking past all the negativity and seeing something that authors and readers should be excited about.”

April L. Hamilton on Self-Publishing Review
Amazon v. Macmillan: Authors, Are You Backing The Right Horse?
“So Macmillan earns the dubious distinction of being the first major publisher to make calculated moves to drive ebook prices higher across all platforms. Thanks to Macmillan’s “victory” over Amazon, Macmillan, authors and Amazon all stand to lose sales. Macmillan stands to lose market share. Authors stand to lose readership.”

And for Something a Little Different . . .

Kristin’s Photo of the Day
“Hi, I’m Kristin! I have been shooting a photo each day since 2008. “

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  1. betty ming liu

    Well, you have written personal stuff on your blog. Maybe this new post could serve as an afterwards to your Timeline package.

  2. Joel

    Thanks, Betty. I’m working on a post called “What Are You Waiting For” but sometimes I’m not sure how well this type of subject fits with the focus of my blog. Oh well…

  3. betty ming liu

    p.s. — thanks for the compliment. :-)

  4. betty ming liu

    I love what you’re saying here and I’m gonna turn it into a tweet right now!

  5. Joel

    Hey, Betty. You are very kind. It’s all about desire with me. I’ll tell you something about me, Betty. For many years I was “waiting.” Waiting to have everything lined up, waiting to have money, waiting to feel better or find the time or whatever. One day I woke up and realized the time for waiting was over, there was nothing to wait for anymore. Waiting was a way of saying “no” to the future.

    And anyway, I’d like to be able to write with the clarity you have, that’s awesome.

  6. betty ming liu

    I don’t know how you do it. You are a blogging machine! As a reader and fellow blogger, I really appreciate how steady you are. Really look forward to your daily alerts — I can always count on learning something new.



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