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POSTED ON Feb 10, 2013

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Every week I get to surf the dozens of blog posts in our little corner of the internet. And every week I’m amazed at the quality and quantity of what I find there. Inspiration is, truly, where you find it, and even though people back east probably can’t even read this, today I’ve got some thoughts on the book creation process, more on how to sell ebooks, a warning about subsidy publishers, the limits of ebook formatting, and being careful online. Have fun.

Seth Godin (@sethsblog) on Seth’s Blog
The roller coaster of shipping
“Perhaps something like this has happened to you. Here’s an annotated graph of what it’s like to make a book, with ‘joy’ being the Y axis with time along the bottom.”

Joe Konrath (@jakonrath) on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
How To Sell Ebooks
“There isn’t a single thing I’m saying here that you should automatically believe. Don’t trust me, or any other so-called expert. Instead, try things out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.”

Dave Bricker (@davebricker) on The World’s Greatest Book
Self-Publishing & Vanity Publishing: Confuse Them and Pay the Price
“With subsidy publishing, the author takes the risk and then pays the publisher! This is the exact opposite of how the publishing ecosystem is supposed to work.”

Lisa Cohen (@lisajanicecohen) on Once in a Blue Muse
eBook Formatting: Possibilities and Limitations
“While we are well into the eBook revolution–far enough in so that it’s pretty safe to say eBooks and eReaders are not a fad and have become a permanent disruption to print books–there are still significant limitations on how eBooks can be presented to the reader.”

Kristen Lamb (@KristenLambTX) on Kristen Lamb’s Blog
Digital Sheep Get Slaughtered–Being Safe On Social Media
“I can’t explain why there are those in this world who will hurt people they’ve never met or steal with no concern to what devastation they might create. But, these crooks are there, they are a real threat, and I’m here today to help you guard against attacks. Hey, I may be a Lamb, but I’m no sheep.”

Indie Recon is Coming

Have you heard of Indie Recon?

It’s a free event coming on February 19 and running through February 21. It’s also an online conference featuring over 25 guests who will discuss the nuts and bolts of self-publishing from the pros / cons all the way through marketing and being a bestselling author.

This is a new event, but the organizers have done a great job putting together a program that’s packed with information, tips and strategies you can start using today.

I’m happy to say that The Book Designer is a sponsor, and I’ll be participating too. Since it’s free, take a look and see if there isn’t some of the events you could profit from.

In fact, here’s a post from BiblioCrunch with 20 Reasons to go to IndieRecon

And here’s the registration page: (look in the left sidebar to sign up) Indie Recon.

“See” you there.


Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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