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POSTED ON Dec 18, 2011

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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With only one more Sunday left to the year, 2012 is almost upon us. Time now for family, for holidays, for trips home and gratitude for what we have. Part of that is the nonstop efforts of bloggers bringing us good things all year. Here we have thoughts on indie authors, the new Amazon lending plan, selling more e-books, giving them away, and what can happen almost overnight in the Kindle store. Enjoy!

Joanna Penn on The Creative Penn
Self-Publishing And The Definition Of An Indie Author
“At its most basic, indie means there is no separate publisher involved. Many indies may have setup their own micro-press, so their books still have a publisher name that is not the author’s name but the publisher is not one of the author services companies.”

David Gaughran on Let’s Get Digital
How Much Do You Want To Get Paid Tomorrow?
“KDP Select is an opt-in program where self-publishers can be part of Amazon’s e-book lending library. There has been a lot of discussion about KDP Select and the Lending Library – some hysterical, some measured – but I think it needs to be considered in the framework of subscription models in general.”

Skellie on Passive Income Author
5 Clever Tactics to Get More eBook Sales Per Reader
“Rather than trying to persuade someone to give your books a try, wouldn’t it be easier to increase the number of readers who go on to buy multiple books from you? If you master this skill, you can be successful even without a huge readership base.”

Beverley Kendall on The Season for Romance
How free is working for me!
“The sad fact is, no author wants to sell their work for $.99. Most authors do so in an effort to compete, in the hope of selling enough to land the book on a list. Being on a list means more visibility. More visibility means–hopefully–more sales.”

Jennie Coughlin on Welcome to Exeter
Guest Interview: Robert Bidinotto and Hunter’s Stunning Amazon Success
“The week after Thanksgiving, Robert Bidinotto became the overnight success story every indie author dreams of becoming after Amazon prominently featured his debut novel Hunter in a week-long promotion and he sold upwards of 25,000 books. Except his success wasn’t overnight — it was the payoff of years of honing his craft and months of marketing and promoting his book. Robert took time out what has been a crazy few weeks for him to discuss his meteoric rise up the best-selling ranks.”

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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