This Week in the Blogs, August 2 – 8, 2014

POSTED ON Aug 10, 2014

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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It may be the dog days of summer but self-publishing bloggers haven’t slowed down and continue to crank out some great content for us. Ever wondered about translating your books into other languages? How about how to lure readers to your blog with a great headline? Information on these topics and more can be found in this week’s great articles.

Jason Matthews on How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks
My Babelcube Experience, Author Seeks Translators (part 1)
“What author wouldn’t love to have her/his books translated into other languages? Babelcube could be your dream come true. Ah, I see you’re reading the Danish version of my latest… marvelous translation… hope you enjoy…”

J A Konrath on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
For the Authors Guild & Other Legacy Publishing Pundits
“Recently on Twitter, Barry Eisler asked with sincerity, “Why would anyone want to join the Authors Guild?””

Anne R. Allen on Anne R. Allen’s Blog… With Ruth Harris
Why You Should Ignore Most of the Advice from your Critique Group…but They Can Help You Anyway
“I generally advise new writers to join a critique group or participate in writing workshops. Getting feedback on your own writing and discovering what works—and what doesn’t—in other writers’ WIPs provides an education you can’t get from simply reading craft books, blogs, or listening to lectures.”

Molly Greene on Molly Greene: Writer
How To Write A Click-Worthy Blog Title
“Have you ever wondered why some blog posts draw more traffic that others, and why specific posts get more attention when you share them on social media? It could be as simple as the post’s headline or title, which is often the only thing people see (especially on Twitter) before they decide whether or not to click through and read your content. So you must make every headline great.”

Sandra Beckwith on Build Book Buzz
How to create a video with PowerPoint
“Confession time: I view creating videos as a necessary evil. It’s not something I look forward to, and that’s not just because good hair days don’t come around very often.”


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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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