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POSTED ON Apr 10, 2011

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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It’s warming here in northern California, and the wave of independent publishing shows no signs of cresting any time soon. This week I’m tardy linking to a great interview with Jane Friedman, but correct that flaw here, and we learn about a new generation of digital readers, thinking about publicity before you publish, a cause I’m sure you’ll be interested in, and more social media marketing lessons. Enjoy!

Christina Katz on The Empowered Writer
An Interview With Jane Friedman About “The Future Of Publishing: Enigma Variations” E-book
“I think you will be amazed, entertained, and possibly even enchanted when you read it. And now, I hope, you can consider yourself (almost) as lucky as I have been all of these years. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect from the e-book:”

James Moushon on Self-Publishing Review
Ebook Authors: The Kids Are Coming
“This young group of readers will be gamers, Internet surfers and two-thumb typist. They are ready for the ebook experience and the ebook author must deliver.”

Rachel Thompson on Marketing Tips for Authors
Pre-Publication Book Marketing Tips
“I teach a free social media for writers workshop every month for the Indie Book Collective, which I helped cofound back in October of last year with fellow indie author and founder Carolyn McCray and cofounder and indie author Amber Scott. Our focus is to teach writers how to harness the power of social media, particularly Twitter, to help market themselves and sell more books.”

Joe Konrath on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
First Book
“For those who missed it, last week I offered to donate $500 to First Book if my novel, ORIGIN, cracked the Top 100 on Kindle. It did, and I gave them the money. This inspired some other authors to do the same. I urge you to support those authors, and First Book.”

Becky Robinson on Smart Blog for Social Media
4 social media lessons from the world of book publishing
“Mobilizing fans, friends and followers for a book or product launch works best when you build your network first, look for ways to give and make involvement easy. Your efforts will be most successful when you have invested time in building relationships with others.”

Launch News

I’m continuing the long launch for my new book, A Self-Publisher’s Companion.

Problems on Amazon have been cleared up and the book is shipping in both paper and Kindle versions. Here’s a link:

A Self-Publisher’s Companion

I was honored to be interviewed on Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn Blog: A Self-Publisher’s Companion With Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer

Dana Lynn Smith was kind enough to host my article: Levels of Engagement, or Why Authors Need an Email List on her blog, The Savvy Book Marketer.

Many thanks to all.

I wrote this book to explain the world of self-publishing to authors thinking about getting into print or doing an e-book. With the rise of print on demand technology and the coming of ebooks, it’s time for every author to consider taking control of their publishing destiny. There’s no reason for writers to postpone their publishing career any more.

If you know someone thinking about taking the plunge, I would appreciate it if you would point the book out to them. Thanks.

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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