SFWC: Roles of Authors and a Sticky Situation

by | Feb 20, 2012

The San Francisco Writers Conference is going on and I’ve been going into San Francisco for the last three days for presentations, panel discussions and general networking.

(The photo above is from the lobby of the Mark Hopkins hotel between sessions.)

Energy and enthusiasm there have been terrific. The sold-out event presented more information for authors thinking about publishing, and many people seemed to be giving it serious thought.

Returning back the last couple of days, I made videos for you that point up some of the ideas that came up during activities there. They are both pretty short, I hope you enjoy them.

(Note: These are HD videos, and will look best if you enlarge them to full screen. If the videos don’t appear at first, please refresh your screen.)

Here’s the first report:

And here’s the one I made today:

Discussed in these videos:

  • San Francisco Writers Conference events
  • Traditional roles of author and publisher
  • Vendors at the conference
  • Something very specific to be on guard against when choosing vendors (this is important!)
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