Resource Roundup Report and Recommendations (Part 2)

by | Sep 15, 2015

Note: Please find parts 1 and 2 of this post here.

tbd advanced publishing starter kit


  1. KD Rose

    This was a wonderful list. So helpful. Thank you!

  2. Alan Drabke

    Two (2) comments. 1. You forgot to mention the freeware ebook reader / device Calibre. The latest version of Calibre will convert a doc.x file with tables and a table of contents (made to Smashwords specifications) to a beautiful epub in a flash. (2) In addition to a monthly cover contest I think you need a monthly contest for Facebook boost post advertising images. Addendum: GIMP is the best tool to crop and scale the background images you download from Pixabay. Inkscape is the best tool (both freeware) to letter your images. Best of all it’s easy to meet the Facebook 20% text rule on images with Inkscape. Because Inkscape has guidelies under File -> Document Properties -> Guides.



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