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POSTED ON Nov 2, 2011

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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When I started the Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides series some months ago, it was to address the questions that readers ask most frequently.

The information may be there, but it’s not easy ferreting out every blog article on a particular subject. Instead, you’ll find that each Guide is like a package of the best posts from the first two years of The Book Designer on a specific subject so you can dive in and get all the information you need at one time, without searching through long lists of articles you’re not interested in. I’ve done all that for you.

This is a neat and fast way to learn about a topic that you need to know about. Now I’ve got two more that will be ready in the next few days. Here’s what’s coming up.

Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Print on Demand

One of the most frequently-asked questions in the first two years of my blog was exactly how print on demand works. This report gathers together some of the basic information on this hybrid technology/distribution method. You’ll learn how it works by following the money and compare some of the big players. 20+ page PDF suitable for printing.

Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Distribution and Discounts

A 20+ page PDF report that explains the traditional book distribution system and why indies have to be especially careful in preparing to sell this way. It also suggest four strategies for dealing with book distribution and explains book discounts, something that bedevils new publishers.

Wondering Why This Stuff is Important?

Would you like to understand print on demand and book distribution better?

Part of succeeding at self-publishing is picking the appropriate distribution channels for your books. Having a good strategy puts you in position to succeed. A lot of what you have to figure out has to do with distribution. It’s how books get to market.

When I’m ready to launch these I’ll have to do something special. Something that would help put all this great information into the hands of people who want it.

You Can Get These Today

Self-Publisher's Quick & Easy Guides

The Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Copyright

30 pages packed with information on What copyright is and what it isn’t, Common myths about copyright, How to copyright your book in the United States, What should go on your copyright page, What is CIP and do you need it?, How to get a Library of Congress Control Number, You’ll also find standard copyright pages that you can copy and paste right into your book. And I’ve included samples of different types of book disclaimers you can use on your copyright page.

The Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to ISBNs and Barcodes

Learn how to use ISBN, how to get it, and what it means. Includes questions and answers about ISBN, and how to decode both the ISBN and the Bookland EAN barcode that appears on the back of your book cover. Includes resource links to get you started.

Here’s what publishing authority and best-selling author Roger C. Parker said about the Guides when they first came out:

The strength of the Guides lies in both Joel Friedlander’s years of experience as an author, publisher, and book designer combined with his ability to simplify and communicate complex information. As readers of The Book Designer blog know, Joel is a master whose writing is filled with detailed and actionable information, yet informed, passionate, concise.

Here’s the link where you can check them out: Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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