On Location: BAIPA Workshop, Oakland, California

by | Mar 12, 2011

I’m off today to the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association Get Published! Institute in Oakland. I’ll be on Twitter using the #baipa hashtag and reporting on the presentations.

If things work out I may also shoot some video with the independent publishers in attendance.

Sunday I’ll have This Week in the Blogs as usual, and watch this space on Monday for a report on the Institute.

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  1. Margaret Murray

    Yes, I saw you at the BAIPA Get Published Institute focusing your camera on the speakers in quaint Victorian venue in Oakland’s Preservation Hall.
    Two of the speakers were lawyers. I asked them a copyright question I bet you’ve addressed in your blog–how much of a song’s lyrics can you quote in a work of fiction without permission? with permission? Can you assume to quote the title of a song without permission? THANKS, Joel.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Margaret, song lyrics are a particularly sticky problem when it comes to quoting them. The answer is you can’t quote them at all without permission. See this article, written by an intellectual property lawyer who has been kind enough to continue answering readers’ queries on the subject. If you read through the comments I think you’ll find your answer:

      What Every Writer Ought to Know about Fair Use and Copyright


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