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by | Dec 22, 2010

Ed: I’m off for the holiday, and I hope you’re enjoying it with your family and friends. I’ll be back on Sunday with the next installment of Self Publishing: Carnival of the Indies. It looks to be a good one, hope to see you there. And thanks for reading!

For months I’ve been looking for ways to help reach out to help people thinking of making this remarkable journey into print.

Don’t get me wrong: I love blogging. And even though blogs are often praised as “content management systems,” there are many ways in which they fall short for real-world users.

For instance, there’s an article on this blog about how to create a cover for your Advance Review Copies, the ones you send to pre-publication reviewers. I’ve emailed a link to this article dozens of times over the months since I wrote it. Could you find this article? It’s not so easy.

The nature of a blog is to “pile” the most recent articles on top of older ones. Gradually you acquire a huge “pile” of blog posts. Over 400 on this blog, for instance. And there aren’t that many choices for how to present this information to someone looking to answer a specific question.

We use topics, categories, tags, and meta-pages like my Start Here links in the left sidebar. But blogs still seem better suited for publishing information, not for retrieving it.

Instead, I reached into the archive of my user-friendly and informative articles to create a series of guides to the subjects self-publishers ask about most often. I call it the Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides because that’s what they are intended to be: as much as you need to know to get the job done, and no more.

Self-Publisher's Quick & Easy GuidesThere are two available now, and more to come. Each is a PDF designed to be easy to read and easy to print out if you like to keep a copy next to you.

And if there’s a specific topic you would like to see covered, please let me know.

These guides are the beginning of a program of e-learning that can really enhance your publishing efforts. It’s incredibly empowering to publish your own book, and it’s so much more fun when you’re confident about what you’re doing.

Instead of telling you any more, here’s a link to the page that tells you more about the program. Go over there and check it out.

Take me to the Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides

tbd advanced publishing starter kit


  1. Clay of CO

    Outstanding! Not only a great resource for us out here as self-publishers, but a great model of self-publishing done right. I’ve referred lots of people on forums to your blog, but now I can refer them to your Q&E Guides as well. Great concept.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks, Clay. I hope to prove you right. Have a great holiday, and thanks for all your support this year—I really appreciate it.

  2. Wendi Kelly-Life's Little Inspirations,Blue Sun Media


    Thank you! This is a great idea! You probably have no idea how much time Deb and I have spent combing through the archives of your website this past year as we have put together our first novel. Knowingly or not, you have been our personal University of knowledge and this blog is a wealth of information for the self-publisher or future publisher of any kind. These will save a great deal of time and you can benefit as well. Win, Win!

    • Joel Friedlander

      Deb and Wendi, it’s phenomenal to hear that you’ve gotten so much use out of the articles I’ve been writing, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. You will appreciate more than most why I’m pulling this information together now, before the “pile” gets to be insurmountable. Hope you both have a great holiday, and I’m looking forward to your book!

  3. Deb Dorchak

    Hey Joel! These look really good and very timely too! One topic that I’d like to see is how to price your book. For digital it’s pretty much a no brainer, but for hard copies? I could really use a guide on pricing books for POD.



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