Mick Rooney’s Reviews of Publishing Services Companies

by | Sep 16, 2009

If you are intending to use a “Publishing Services” company to publish your book (and I’m not suggesting that you should) you owe it to yourself to surf on over to Mick Rooney’s POD, Self Publishing and Independent Publishing blog.

The Most Detailed Reviews in the Business

Mick doesn’t just grab some copy from a website and slap it on his blog and call it a review. Oh no. He drills down into the policies, prices, and practices of each of the companies he reviews, yielding incredibly valuable content.

Recent reviews include Blurb, CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Unibooks, Authorhouse, Outskirts Press, Dog Ear Publishing and many more. You won’t find more nitty-gritty information on these companies all gathered together in one spot anywhere that I know of.

For example, Mick’s review of Dog Ear Publishing runs to almost 2,000 words and profiles every one of their “packages” and analyzes their approach to publishing before offering his recommendations.

This is a great resource you shouldn’t miss.

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