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POSTED ON Nov 13, 2010

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Note: This is another post summing up the experience of the first year of TheBookDesigner. It follows Top 10 Blog Posts of My Rookie Blogging Year.

Keywords. Those elusive targets of internet marketers and everyone who tries to get traffic to a site on the web.

Keywords are really nothing more than what people are typing into the Google search bar when they are looking for something. When you type them in, they become keywords. Short keywords like book are very generic and are not that useful for searching.

When I know what I’m looking for, I tend to be specific in my searches. When I’m not sure, I try lots of things and end up clicking through pages of Google search results, trying to define what it is I want.

Google Analytics, the free program that tracks every stat you can imagine about your website or blog, tracks every single keyword or search phrase that someone entered into a search bar and which resulted in them visiting your website.

Over the last 12 months, Analytics reports that people have used 28,772 different keywords that have accounted for 50,908 visits to this blog.

Now I can’t claim to have looked through the entire list of 28,772 keywords, but the top of the list is of tremendous interest if you are attempting to use keywords to attract readers. And as niche publishers, nonfiction authors have a real need to understand what people are looking for when they search for answers.

After drilling into the Analytics reports, here are the top 20 keywords from the past year:

  1. ipad fonts
  2. book designer
  3. ipad font
  4. joel friedlander
  5. font combinations
  6. learn epub
  7. the book designer
  9. great blogs
  10. carol twombly
  11. parts of a book
  13. caibre ebook
  14. book designer joel
  15. aperture publishing
  16. book design
  17. thebookdesigner
  18. ipad typography
  19. marin bookworks
  20. book designer

Over 2,000 of the 28,772 total keywords had “iPad” in them.

On the other side, down at the very ragged end of the long tail, you start to wonder what people are thinking when they’re typing those searches into Google search bars. Well, you figure it out. Here are 20 random keywords that Analytics reports were each responsible for visits.

  1. are self published books crap
  2. besides traditional publishing and retail distribution
  3. can you use screenshots of istockphoto
  4. chiropractic helps with dissintegrating discs
  5. congratulation to worst supplier
  6. contact keiron pratt australian illustrator
  7. context that gave rise to castro’s thoughts pdf
  8. counters for making pizza
  9. cover 3-way
  10. covering books in plastic wrap
  11. disclaimers for betting advice
  12. o funny or helpful
  13. frappuccino market share au
  14. help for running late
  15. help, I need a book designer
  16. here is my response to your inquiry
  17. hirakaku pro n
  18. holding ipad in hand for hours+accessories
  19. i reding any futcher help books
  20. i-can-do-it-blindfolded

Not sure what that last person was looking for.

I’m off at the meeting of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association today, and will have a report in due course. Enjoy your day, and look for more “anniversary week” articles about the first 12 months of TheBookDesigner.

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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