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POSTED ON Dec 19, 2019

Judith Briles

Written by Judith Briles

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By Judith Briles

It’s the end of the year … you are a few days from moving forward into a new year; a new writing cycle; and a new publishing cycle; a new book marketing cycle; and an expansion of YOU in your author cycle.

  • Did you get done what you wanted to get done over the past twelve months?
  • Did you envision a new work or a redo on an old one?
  • Did you implement new strategies or tweak oldies into improved versions?
  • Did you discover new tools that delighted you and supported your book efforts?
  • Did your creativity kick into gear that surprised even you?

Or … did you get snarled in other things that threw curves, roadblocks, and potholes at your writing plans? Your publishing plans? Your book marketing plans? Your what?

Did you get caught up in the “one for money … two for the show … three to get ready … three to get ready … three to get ready …” and never pushed the “this is good enough” button?

Could you have gotten caught up in perfectionism … whatever you did, it needed another pass again and again and again?

Yikes, did you stabotage your own efforts?

Maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to go over “it” one more time.

Maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to put your work through the Hemingway app or Grammarly for the umpteenth time.

Maybe, just maybe, you don’t need to get better at something.

Yup … your idea … your blog … your swag … and yes, your book is good enough. It is ready.

I have said for years that a snowflake is perfection. What you are doing is not a snowflake … it’s adding info that could change the life of many or instilling mega hours in reading delight to others. That’s perfect.

Step back—2020 will begin to unfold in a few days. Using the old-fashioned pencil/pen and paper and writing it out …

  • What do you want to do this coming year? Envision it.
  • What’s the passion behind it that will move it forward?
  • What will you commit in time, energy, and money to deliver it?

Write it down. Post it where you can see it.

Maybe, just maybe, what you need to add to your mix is bravery. As in, just do it.

Here’s to 2020 … and you.
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Judith Briles

Written by
Judith Briles

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