How to Embed a Twitter Tweet Into Your Blog Post

by | Dec 19, 2012

Twitter, my favorite social media site, is a very simple service. Sometimes it seems that it’s so simple and direct that new users don’t really “get it” and wonder what the heck it’s all about.

But the fact that it’s simple doesn’t mean that the clever people at Twitter don’t keep improving the site and adding interesting and useful innovations.

One of my favorites is the ability to embed tweets into a web page or blog post.

Embedding a tweet has several advantages over simply quoting the tweet. But first, you’re probably wondering what an embedded tweet looks like.

Here’s one:

The advantage here is obvious when you start hovering your cursor over the various elements and links within the embedded tweet. All the links are live, and the embed comes along with a handy blue “follow” button in the top right corner.

But there are lots of other reasons you might want to embed tweets in your blog posts:

  • Spread tweets and links outside Twitter itself into the wider social web
  • Create compelling testimonials from people who tweet their positive feedback
  • Add a graphic element to your posts
  • Encourage sharing of the tweet content or link
  • Create a “conversation” by embedding linked or connected tweets

How to Embed a Tweet

First, find the tweet you want to embed and look for the “details” link:


This will open the tweet on a new Twitter page. Next, look for the “embed this tweet” link:


This will open another window with a bunch of options:


You want to make sure the “HTML” tab is selected (it’s the default). Decide whether you’d like your tweet to sit by itself on your blog post (alignment=”none”) or whether you’d like the copy in your post to run around the tweet image (aligment=”left” or “right” or “center”). I’ve used the “none” selection since these images are about the same width as my blog. The image at the bottom shows what it will look like.

Put your cursor into the code window and “select all,” then copy the code.


Now head over to the editing window on your blog. If you’re using WordPress, make sure the editor is on the “HTML” or “Text” tab, then paste the code into your blog post. It will look something like this:


That’s it!

Preview your post and check your handiwork. You now have a tweet with live links and a very nice looking graphic presentation to spice up your post.

For an example of someone who uses this Twitter feature in interesting ways, check out the weekly Writing on the Ether posts by Porter Anderson on Jane Friedman’s blog.

Can you think of other ways to use these embedded tweets? I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. David Rory O'Neill

    Hi Joel, Thanks again for useful advice. After a few failed Twitterings I have come back to it determined to make use of what most people find a useful tool.
    I will be trying the embedding thing on my next blog post.
    It can still seem daunting but this time I seem to making progress and have gathered more than a few followers and have seen a jump in traffic to the blog – sales well now that’s a different thing. We will see.

  2. Rosalie Marsh

    I was trawling through my Publicity & Marketing folder this morning of saved links prior to constructing some marketing information for my latest book and came upon this post again.
    I use Tweet Deck and find it useful for scheduling – especially using different accounts.
    The section in this post on embedding tweets is great. I will try it on my Blogger blog Rosalie’s Chatter. ( I am not sure about the website. Some of the tools listed above I have not heard of (UK). I am aware that it would be easy to spend all my time using lots of different marketing features – therefore less time for writing and publishing etc.
    Thank you for all your timely advice Joel.

  3. Laura Hedgecock

    Great idea, thanks for posting this.

    Laura Hedgecock (

  4. Chris O'Byrne

    I can’t believe I never knew about this! Thanks so much, Joel, for teaching me this technique.

  5. Joel Friedlander

    I was just reading a post on Problogger and found out that since the 2012 WordPress 3.4 update you can embed a tweet in your post by simply using the tweet’s URL.

    Just click on any tweet, then click on “Details” and the tweet will open in its own browser window, allowing you to easily capture the url which you can then paste into your blog post. Voila! Simple embedded tweets for users of WordPress 3.4 or above.

  6. Sara Rosso

    @Joel, have you checked out the WordPress plugin, Jetpack? (Disclosure: it’s offered by the company I work for, Automattic/ In any case, you don’t have to deal with any embed code – you just plop the Twitter URL for that Tweet on its own line in the Post Editor and all the embed magic happens on its own :)

    Check it out and let me know what you think – even if you don’t end up using it! ( or through the WP backend > Plugins > Add New > Search)

    • Joel Friedlander

      Hi Sara,

      I’ve seen Jetpack, but I have no idea what it does. (Attentive readers will remember Sara as a winner of our eBook Cover Design Awards in January.)

      It came installed on the last blog I set up, but I couldn’t work out what it was for, so thanks for the tip. Where is the best place to find out about the plugin and how to use it, Sara?

      • Sara Rosso

        Essentially what Jetpack does is bring some of the cool features we’re developing for users to self-hosted WP installs – so you can get those features no matter where you host. It started with stats, 1-line embeds like Twitter/YouTube, etc., and we’re rolling out more features like Publicize which does automatic posting to Facebook/Twitter of new content, email subscriptions, post by email, a default mobile theme, sharing buttons, etc.

        More info is available here: or you can install via the WP Dashboard.

  7. Joel Friedlander

    I had a note from a reader about this article, saying it looked like a lot of work, that it would take a lot of time to do.

    Although it might appear that way, I’ve actually timed it, and the whole process takes about 30 to 40 seconds, so I encourage you to give it a try.

  8. Dorothy

    Ohhhh sorry, it works now, I hit the wrong thing. Thanks!

  9. Dorothy

    I can’t get the graphic to come up and the links to work. I’m on a self-hosted blog so it shouldn’t be any problem. I compared the html you have above with what showed up on my end and I’m missing the very last sentence that starts with . I did everything you said and the code for this particular tweet doesn’t have the last part. What do you think I’m doing wrong? The tweet shows up but not the box or the graphic or the links. ;o(

  10. Belinda Pollard / @Belinda_Pollard

    What a wonderful, simple little tutorial this is, Joel! I didn’t know how to do this, and now I do. Definitely one to tweet. Thanks.

    • Joel Friedlander

      That’s great Belinda. I really like being able to do this and it’s very simple.

  11. Michael N. Marcus

    Maybe I’m just too old, but I don’t ‘get’ Twitter.

    I try to be interesting once a day on my blog, and maybe 20 times a day on Facebook; but I doubt that anyone would want to read what I have to say in just 140 characters every few minutes. I’m not the Pope or Sarah Palin.

    I signed up for a Twitter account just to see what it’s all about. I don’t tweet but somehow I have accumulated five followers. I have no idea what they expect from me — but they’re not getting it.

    Michael N. Marcus
    NEW: self-publishing company parody,
    NEW: books for self-publishing authors:

    • Tracy R. Atkins

      The more I use it, the more I realize it’s just the evolution of IRC, ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger Chat from back in the 90’s (Or even Usenet/Newsgroups from way-back-when).

      Instead of going into a chat room, you have your followers and the people you follow. Its all real-time, so you can respond back and forth publicly on a topic, or just read what others are saying.

      It trumps IRC because you can easily repeat something cool that others have said, to try to get them to join in the topic/conversation.

      When you post something, you are not so much disseminating information, as you are trying to get people to discuss and share your topic with others. So, its one big chat-room that is divided up by social connections, instead of “topics”.

      Whats old is new again.

      • William

        I’m young and I don’t get it. I find it hard to use unless you are continually connected with it. I send occasional tweets and know it is just a token effort. I know that really engaging people and the information they disseminate is important, but unless I am on there 24/7 I find it hard to do.

        • Joel Friedlander

          The best way to use Twitter is with a third party tool like Hoot Suite. It allows you to filter your tweet stream lots of ways, which makes the whole thing more manageable.

          • William

            I’ve given it a look, but I’ll invest some more time into it.


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