How AK Booster Can Help Your Books Stand Out on Amazon

by | Jan 27, 2014

by Ben Murray

Last week I introduced my subscribers to a new product that can help authors market their print books and ebooks on Amazon—AKBooster, Amazon-specific market research software by Abhi Dwivedi & Ben Murray. Because the developers come from the internet marketing community, and not the indie author world, a lot of people who checked out the software were confused by the way the product was being sold.

I asked Ben Murray to explain more fully exactly what this software can do, and the way it can help indie authors market their books more effectively on the world’s biggest retail site for book sales. Here’s his report.

With ebook sales up around 4000% percent since 2004 and technological advances like Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader, it’s clear that ebook and independent publishing is the way of the future, especially through Amazon’s KDP platform.

If you have published to Kindle before, you know what a fantastic opportunity this is to get your name and story out to the world. Getting even more exposure sharing your story was the idea behind the creation of the new AK Booster Pro software, a new tool that helps independent authors get the most out of self publishing their books.

So what exactly is this AK Booster Pro?

This Adobe software (Mac and PC enabled) is broken into three sections. A ‘Niche Finder’ section, a ‘Submitter’ section and finally, a ‘Reviewer’ section.

First, the ‘Niche Finder’ allows users to find hot niches and keywords to write their books by extracting and presenting keywords Amazon Kindle customers are actually typing in. The ‘rank’ button organizes them by popularity and by typing in a seed keyword like ‘vegetarian,’ AK Booster is able to drill into untapped topics like ‘vegetarian slow cookers’ that people are searching for, but have not written about yet.


When you find an interesting keyword, switch to the ‘Get Scores’ section to see how profitable and how in demand that keyword idea could be. The demand score shows how many users are searching for this topic, the competition shows how competitive this idea is, and finally the overall score shows you how easy it is to rank and make money from this idea.


The ‘Submitter’ section contains the largest number of free and paid sites to advertise and submit your book to during its KDP select free days. These include popular Kindle book sites like or To submit your book, just click on the picture, fill out your info, and away your book goes.


Finally, the ‘Reviewer’ section finds potential people to review your book who have left a review or are interested in your book’s subject. You can search for reviewers on Amazon, GoodReads, and Facebook. Simply type in your book topic keyword and click search. AK Booster will do the rest and find you interested reviewers in your niche along with their contact information.


If this sounds like something that can help your writing business, learn more by visiting

The AKBooster Sales Process Explained

Thanks, Ben.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the AKBooster software, be advised that the process is not as simple as downloading a Word template from our template site. In fact, there are a number of steps to go through. There’s nothing complicated or difficult, but I think it’s worthwhile layout out the process so you’re not surprised when you click the AKBooster link.

To summarize:

  • The AK Booster Link goes to a page where you can choose a single user or multi user license, and each has a Buy button
  • The Buy Button will take you to a standard Paypal screen where you’ll make your payment.
  • You’ll receive an email with a link to JVZoo to log in to access your purchase.
  • Once you log in JVZoo, it links you to the AKBooster WordPress site, where you’ll need to log in.
  • Finally, click a link to get the download page. Whew, you’re done.

This process differs, as I said, from a straight pay-and-download format, but it’s really not that difficult. If you think this software can help you market your books more effectively, go ahead and check it out here: AKBooster Market Research Software

Note: If you are not comfortable buying or downloading software from the internet, or dealing with a process where you have to create logins, you may be uncomfortable with the AKBooster product delivery system. However, if you’re willing to persevere, you could have a really powerful tool that will help you expand the discoverability of your books and achieve higher sales. And during its introduction, AKBooster Pro is available at a huge discount. So if this appeals to you, check it out before Tuesday night: AKBooster Pro.

Photo by FutUndBeidl via photopin cc. This is an affiliate promotion.

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  1. Bill Thomas

    As advertised the software looks good for Kindle ebook creation.

    However, the price has to up to $97/$197 and I don’t know if the software is worth it since there has been no comments since Jan 2014

    Any thoughts, anybody?

  2. Max Myers

    What do you have to say about this AK Booster rip off, Joel?

    I’m sorry to inform you but the Backlink Snatcher v2.0 is currently down.
    The reason its down and not working because my partners have dropped the project and stopped responding to my messages. LeoRock, the developer and server incharge has closed the server and stopped responding for some reason.
    Unfortunately, I can not do anything because I’m only the support end of this product but my team is trying to reach out to Leo and we’ll try to setup our own server to get it back working.
    Also, if your purchase was before March/April 2013, your license has also expired since it was a 12 month license. Upgrades to a new license is also not available right now.
    We’re working on it. Again, apologies for the inconvenienced.
    Abhi & Team

    On Mon, 13 Oct at 11:43 pm , Renegademax wrote:
    Earlier this year when you first released AK Booster, I purchased a volume license copy. We’re about to launch our company,
    and this morning I started using AK. However, on the ‘Reviewer’ section, it’s constantly freezing at 20% search. I’ve attached a screenshot for your perusal.

    Please advise and thanks,

    Max Myers.

    Help Desk | Vega6 Webware Technologies Pvt. Ltd. powered by Freshdesk 391

    • Joel Friedlander

      Max, this is the first I’ve heard of it. Please let me know if you find out anything more about the situation there as I’m sure others will be interested. On the face of it, it doesn’t sound quite like an intentional “rip off” but they certainly don’t have their act together, that’s for sure.

      • Max Myers

        Hi Joel,

        I did track down Ben Murray and he sent me what was allegedly a newer version, which, unfortunately, also didn’t work. In fact, when I tried to use the section to submit to facebook reviewers, a box appeared asking me for my login information, including my password. Nope. Passed on that one.

        I was so optimistic about the AK Booster of it all, but it’s been such an incredible disappointment, leaving me with a very bad taste. Not having their gig together is the same as ripping the consumer off when I’ve paid my hard earned shekels for a product that only doesn’t do that which it’s advertised as, but the lack of customer support or care is awful.



    • Abhi Dwivedi

      Hi Max,
      Looks like my support team mixed up and gave you a wrong reply for a completely different product. Apologies for the same.

      Please email me direct at abhi at abhid dot org regarding your issues and I’ll personally see to it that it is solved and taken care of. :)


      • Max Myers

        Thanks, Abhi and I’ve emailed you.

  3. Abhi

    Hi Cheryl,
    Email me at support [at] abhid [dot] org and we’ll get you sorted with access ASAP. :)

  4. Cheryl Leff

    I purchased a multi-user license of AK Booster Jan. 29, but have never received a code so I could actually download the product. I have a receipt from PayPal showing that the $27.00 transaction went through. So, where is the product I purchased?!

    • trish watson

      They say in the voice over 17 dollars and yet the place where you press to buy says 97$. I dont want to press and end up paying 97$, but do thin the product sounds interesting

      • [AKB] Abhi Dwivedi

        Hi Trish,
        The $17/$27 offer is now over and we’re back to our regular price.
        The video will be updated soon. :)

  5. Stephanie Saye

    Hi Joel,

    I just stumbled over your site. Lots of good info here for indie authors like me. I’m really interested in the AK Booster software, but when I tried to buy it with the links you provided, I got a message from PayPal that the seller (Ben) was not able to accept payment at this time. Has this offer expired?

    • [AKB] Abhi Dwivedi

      Hey Stephanie,

      Abhi here from AKBoosterPro team.

      The error on the purchase has not been fixed. Feel free to use the link on the post above and grab a copy for yourself. If you need anything, feel free to email us and we’ll set you up. :)

  6. Jillian Kleine Der Löwe

    Hi Joel! Thank you for recommending this software package last week!

    I purchased AK Booster Pro last week during the product launch. I changed my Book Description, Categories and Keywords using recommendations from the Get Keywords and Get Scores tools. Tempus Omnia Revelat. Time reveals all things.

    Have any of you seen any results yet? If you have, I’d love to interview you for my blog. :)

    Thank you! I hope you all have a smashing day!

    Warmest Regards,
    Jillian Kleine Der Löwe

  7. Dorrie Ross

    Thanks for introducing us to this useful software :-) I don’t normally buy stuff like this and I was initially put off by the ‘Niche Finder’ aspect of it. However, as someone who has more ideas than I know what to do with, I can see how AK Booster can help me narrow down my ideas to what the current market actually wants.
    My fave parts of the software are definitely the ‘Submitter’ and ‘Reviewer’ sections though. Those two functions will be invaluable for when I finally get my book published and am ready to start promoting.
    I’m looking forward to playing with this software!

  8. Patrick Ord

    I loaded the software fine and I’ve since used it. It helped me identify a couple of categories and keywords that show more promise than the ones I was using. Time will tell if I see improvement.

    Since I installed the software, upon boot up of my computer (Windows 7 OS), I’ve received the following error:

    “Run time Error! Program: C:Program Files (x86)…
    R6034 An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application’s support team for more information.”

    Has anyone else experience this error.

    According to Microsoft, this error indicates that the developer of the program made an attempt to load the C runtime library without using a “manifest.”

    The program still runs fine. If no one else has experienced this problem it might be caused by another application.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Dorrie Ross

      I have Windows 7 too (Professional edition, with SP1 installed), and I haven’t encountered any errors yet. Fingers crossed, it will stay that way :-)

    • Patrick Ord

      As an update to my above post regarding the error I was receiving…

      The problem was due to another application (iTunes), which I uninstalled and then reinstalled. The problem is now fixed. (I had installed an iTunes update around the same time that I installed AK Booster.)

      So, the problem was not related to AK Booster. In speaking with some of my tech friends, the fact that AK Booster is written on Adobe Air (a high level programing language), makes it extremely unlikely that any errors, malware, or viruses would be related to the program.

  9. Jim Hopkins

    Wow, talk about a tortured purchase process, with a series of web pages that scream “run for your life.” The site even gets flagged as bogus by the WOT crowdsourced validation software.

    I persevered because I respect The Book Designer site, but I’m still not sure if this is a useful product or a complete rip-off. Time will tell.

    For what it’s worth, this process and the trashy upsell pages don’t reflect well on your recommendation. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve tried the software, but there’s more than just $17 riding on my purchase.


  10. Jude

    Downloaded easily on my 2011 Mac. Just had to skip past the add-on offers and click on the bottom links to continue to purchase. The link is found on the left-hand sidebar that says “AK Booster Pro”.
    Looking forward to all the extra help I can get. It’s a shame to work so hard on a book, bringing it up to (and sometimes beyond) trad-pub quality, only to have it lost in cyberspace.

  11. DT Krippene

    Here’s a challenge for AK Boost team. Many writers have yet to publish, but are very active in building a website or blog presence to create a brand. If a writer is blogging, how could this software be used to “boost” the audience numbers (say facebook, other sites) with key word search?

    • Chris

      Good question.

  12. Louisa Clarkson

    Is this software more geared to authors who publish with Create Space? I’m published with Lightning Source, and they distribute to Amazon, but not through KDP, so I don’t think I can change my keywords very easily as they’re pre set. Could the software designer please clarify?

  13. Fong Hsiung

    Thanks, Joel, for the lead. I downloaded it yesterday without any problems, and have tried using it already. The key is to listen and read the instructions…I know most people hate that. I must be in the minority! My book will be out in a couple of months, so I’m researching as much as I can right now.

  14. Peter Aleff

    The buying process would be easier if at least the download link was identified as a download. Instead, the download page tries to sell you some additional software or guides and gives you no obvious way around these unsolicited offers. It took several inquiries to tech support to finally find that the download was one of the links in small print on the left, buried among others in a navigation list, and not identified as download. Whoever designed this download page should go back to web design school and do a better job the next time.

  15. Adrienne

    Hi Joel,

    Do you recommend any similar software to optimize keywords for print books and link to print book review networks? Does this app use data from both Kindle and print book searches? Do you think that using this for print book Amazon SEO would be beneficial?

    Thank you!

    • Joel Friedlander

      Adrienne, it works for both print books and ebooks. You could do all this research yourself, of course, but the software makes it much faster and more efficient. On Amazon, discoverability is critical for many types of books, and you want yours to show up when people are searching. The keywords you select are an important part of that process.

  16. marcella leone

    I’m sorry..people..I wish i knew what your talking about but thanks for what you did I at least have an idea of what to expect…thanks …

  17. Deb Hanrahan

    It took a few minutes to figure out how to download. The article above was helpful. Boy was I surprised. Some of my keywords were garbage. Hope the changes make a difference.

  18. Ron Herron

    The program is neat, once you get it working. I had a lot of frustrating moments getting it to 1) download, and 2) open. When it finally downloaded, it was a file type (.air) that I was unfamiliar with (as were both my CPU and my laptop).

    Once I had a tech explanation of how to get to it, it was simple (but I’ll never like the AK process for buying and downloading it…and I bet it turns off a lot of potential buyers).

    Good product. Needs some marketing help.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Good assessment, Ron. Streamlining the purchase process will probably result in more sales for this endeavor.

  19. thomas

    I’m going to try and use amazon to sell and promote my book on create space and maybe kindle, what do you think? I want to sell it direct from my blog too. Great work, thanks.

  20. Michael N. Marcus

    I HATE the niche finder idea. It’s like the emails, courses and books that promise that “anyone can write a bestseller in a weekend — even if you flunked English in high school” or “you can publish a bestseller by getting others to write for free.”

    Or maybe it’s like counselors who advise job seekers to distort their resumes to impress recruiters at particular companies.

    No thanks.

    An author should have passion for a subject, and not just do market research and fill orders.

    Just because people are searching for books about clam shucking, piano tuning or headlight aiming does not mean that an author is qualified to write those books — or will like writing them, or do a good job.

    Several of my books have been on various bestseller lists — and I did not use software to find target markets.

    Michael N. Marcus

  21. marcella leone

    I am so surprised!!!! this new tool from the book designer is so helpful for us in need of help us move along with our books. I would love to follow through with AK Booster but this tool I have doesnt download,i haven’t up graded as yet but I need to do so to keep up with the world around me.i won’t be able to do anything by Tuesdays deadline cause my birthday is next Sunday..I usually will receive the gifts that I ask for…it will have to wait ..better days are coming…I would to pass this along to who ever is in need of it…thank you for your time and knowledge its greatly appreciated….Marcella…



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