Happy New Year and a Few Notes

by | Dec 31, 2009


Bembo - click for the article

It’s been an eventful year for publishing, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of the same in 2010.

Since I started blogging this fall nothing has impressed me more than the people I’ve met through blogs, social media, and in the publishing community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the meantime, for a good read head over to the newly-redesigned Self-Publishing Review and check out my article on Deconstructing Bembo: Typographic Beauty and Bloody Murder. It was great fun to write and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Kindle Kind of News

In other news, TheBookDesigner.com is now available for subscription on Kindle.

While browsing the latest articles on Publetariat, I came across the blog post from Stephen Windwalker on 21 Steps: How to Publish a Kindle Blog (And Why You Might Want To….)

Intrigued, I read through the steps. Although it looked like a lengthy process, Stephen had indicated exactly what you need to do in exhaustive detail, so I gave it a try.

In about 20 minutes (forget that 15 minute estimate, Stephen) I had established an account, verified my blog’s feed, uploaded a couple of graphics, and gotten the greenlight from Amazon. The blog should appear in the Kindle store or wherever you go for such things within the next couple of days.

Amazon sets the prices for the subscriptions, but they look to be very reasonable. If any readers are Kindle-owners, see if you can find the blog listing and let me know.

Enjoy the holiday, see you in the new year.

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  1. Joel

    Stephen, thanks for stopping by. No worries on the five minutes, your article was so detailed it was a pleasure to step-by-step through it. Oddly, I did upload the graphic during the process, but I guess it went sideways. There were 2 graphics called for, the blog shot and a logo, not sure where the logo shows up, and I don’t own a Kindle. Thanks for the link, I’ll try to correct the image from there.

  2. Stephen Windwalker

    Congrats, Joel. I see your blog is live in the Kindle Store at https://www.amazon.com/TheBookDesigner-com/dp/B0032AMSUU and I just clicked on the 14-day free trial. Sorry about that extra 5 minutes….

    But you can also spend another five minutes grabbing a screen shot of the top screen of your blog and upload that as your graphic and the presentation will be worthy of your design skills ;-)

  3. admin

    Happy New Year to you, too, Christy. You’re one of the people I was talking about having the pleasure to meet.

    Try the Kindle step-by-step, it’s not that hard. Now I just need to get a Kindle I guess… hmm

  4. Christy Pinheiro

    Happy New Year!!! Thanks for the link about how to publish on the Kindle.


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