Carnival of the Indies One-Year Anniversary

by | Sep 23, 2011

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been a whole year. But it has.

This weekend we’ll publish the 12th edition of our blog carnival Self-Publishing: The Carnival of the Indies.

In my original post, I revealed that starting a blog carnival had been an aim of mine from the time I first started blogging. Readers responded enthusiastically, and bloggers in the self-publishing and writing fields have continued to supply a steady stream of articles.

Blog carnivals are still underutilized from what I can see, but they make good sense. Readers get a variety of content on a focused subject, bloggers get traffic and visitors they might not otherwise have gotten, and the host enjoys the traffic from links to lots of blog posts.

The Series So Far

I took a look at the stats for the Carnival posts, and here’s what I found (including Sunday’s post):

  • Featured bloggers: 34
  • Book design: 18 articles
  • E-books: 20 articles
  • Indie Author: 23 articles
  • Marketing & Selling: 81 articles
  • Self-Publishing Success: 25 articles
  • Writing Tools & Tips: 41 articles
  • Total: 242 articles

Of course, all these blog posts have gotten thousands of visits over the year, and Issue #1, which has been posted the longest, has the most.

self-publishing blog carnival

One thing that’s interesting is that the time people spend on the Carnival posts is much longer than average on this blog, about 5 and a half minutes. The average for all pages here is about 3 minutes.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure to put this blog carnival together every month, but I confess I’ve had outstanding assistance in creating and running the carnival from Shelley Sturgeon of E-Vantage Business Services. I’m quite sure I couldn’t have done it as regularly, or as well, without her help.

So to Shelley, all the readers, and all the generous bloggers who have shared their content, thanks for a great year. I look forward to more.

(I bet you haven’t seen all these great articles. Click over to the main Carnival of the Indies page for a complete set of links right at the top of the page.)

And watch for Issue #12 on Sunday.

Photo by Nick Bramhall

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