Video: Brian Felsen of on the Future of e-Books

by | Jan 3, 2012

I’m please today to have an interview for you with Brian Felsen, CEO of, the e-book distributor that started as an offshoot of CDbaby, the independent music distributor.

Brian was last here in another interview in June soon after BookBaby was launched.

In this interview we look back at 2011 and forward to the changes we might expect to see in e-book distribution in 2012. We also discuss BookBaby’s recent move into print books.

The video runs 15:35 minutes, and near the end Brian issues a new discount code for readers of The Book Designer, so make sure to stay tuned for that.

(If the video doesn’t appear below, please refresh your screen.)

Discussed in this video:

  • Growth this year at
  • Their move into digital print books
  • How they combined quality production with digital printing
  • Apple’s turn from apps to e-books
  • The prospect for fixed-layout books
  • Strategies for e-book producers
  • … and that all-important coupon code

What questions would you ask Brian Felsen if you could interview him?

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