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by | Nov 28, 2011

I was surprised Friday when I received an email from friend and fellow blogger Joanna Penn of Joanna’s blog is one of the best anywhere for writers and last year it was chosen as one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers in a contest run by

In her email Joanna told me this year’s contest had opened, and she had nominated TheBookDesigner in the contest. I was surprised to say the least, and grateful.

If you’d like to nominate your favorite writing blog, you can go to the link below. You can only vote once, and you have to give the complete URL for the blog you are nominating and give the reason why you are nominating it.

It’s a great way to acknowledge the bloggers who contribute so much to the writing community online, and you can discover some truly amazing blogs among the contest winners.

Deadline is December 10. If you read these blogs, take a minute and vote for your favorite.

Here’s the link: 6th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest

Book Award Season

As we head into the end of the year, book award season is also upon us. Later this week I’ll be posting a new page on TheBookDesigner with a listing of all the book awards that accept self-published and indie-published books.

This type of information can be hard to gather, and we’ve been at it for the last 2 months. Watch for an announcement about that in the next few days.

What Do Book Awards Mean to You?

Along the same lines I’d love to hear your experiences with book awards. Do you want to win an award? What do you think of the entry fees? If your book won an award, how did it help, if it did?

Readers want to know, so sit down and spend a minute sharing your experience. Email it to: marin.bookworks (at)

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  1. Dianne Greenlay

    As a new, inexperienced indie author, I had read as many blogs as I could, to get a feel for what worked and what did not; I came across 2 different traditional agents’ blogs, both saying that if they were to consider a self-published author, they would want to know 3 things: what were the reviews like, how many copies had been sold, and what book awards had been won. I obtained several independant reviews, all of which were enthusiastic (4 and 5 star), and entered my novel “Quintspinner – A Pirate’s Quest” into several Awards contests including ReaderViews, Indie Excellence, ForeWord Reviews, Eric Hoffer, and Writer’s Digest, and came away with fourteen finalist and winner awards, but have seen only a very small bump in sales. I am presently re-releasing the cover with a few of the digital badges for the awards on it, in hopes that it will catch readers’ eyes.

    I suspect that if I had had a stronger online presence, that the awards would then carry more clout in the sales department. I think, that in my case, better social media coverage would have improved sales, especially in combination with the reviews and awards.
    PS: yours is one of the most informative sites out there!

  2. Christopher Wills

    Your blog is definitely one of the best, so I have voted for you. That’s 2 votes; Jo and I out of just over 1,000 (to be fair I didn’t read any so I’ve no doubt you have many more). :)


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