Happy New Year, a Resolution, and a Request

by | Dec 31, 2012

It’s been quite a year for authors, hasn’t it? Every year we say the same thing, and every year it just seems to become more true: This is the best time to be an author.

As we enter 2013, I think this situation will get better and better.

Indie publishing and the Internet have given rise to a whole new wave of author-entrepreneurs who see the opportunities and want to make the most of them for their own writing careers.

That’s what makes your support amazing and very gratifying. If you’re a regular reader you probably know my dedication to seeing your books get better, look better, sell better and satisfy you and your readers better.

That’s what it’s all about for me. You make that possible, so I’d like to say “Thank you.”

I’d also like to say, “Stay tuned,” too, because a lot of new things will be coming in 2013. Things that I’ve never tried before, but which promise to help authors like you make and market even better books that will inspire your readers, no matter what you write.

But Then There’s the Fail

On the other hand, I’m an author, too. Yet somehow 2012 sneaked by and I didn’t publish anything. That’s kind of a fail, don’t you think?

I did publish over 100 articles on book publishing, design, marketing and social media.

And I published several new Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides, too.

But mostly what I did this past year was build training programs and sites to deliver the training.

The biggest investment of time was the Self-Publishing Roadmap, a large-scale video training course that’s proved to be popular with authors who want to jump into becoming publishers and entrepreneurs.

But I didn’t publish a book. Not one.

Here Comes the New Year

Well, 2013 won’t sneak by that way, and I’m already deep into a new project that I hope will help lots of authors.

I’m exploring the natural connection between self-publishing and blogging. Some days I think blogging is just another form of self-publishing, but I don’t think many other people see it that way.

What I’m interested in is the way authors can use their writing skills to create community, build a platform for launching their books, and make money while doing it.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn actual strategies to do those things? The same strategies and specific tactics to build your own base of fans who will support you, and help you create a truly sustainable business?

That’s what my project is all about.

Here’s the Request for You

As part of this project, I’d love to include your stories, too.

Specifically, I’m looking for short pieces about a success you’ve had through blogging. For instance:

  • you made contact with someone who really helped you.
  • you discovered a cool way to get a rush of traffic and subscribers.
  • you used your blog to improve your writing in a new way.
  • you had a hand in creating a new communit.y
  • you did something on your blog that really helped to sell your books.
  • you found new ways to support yourself and your writing.

I think you get the idea.

Here’s what’s in it for you: In addition to the exposure if you’re included in the project, any stories I end up using will also get a link directly to your site.

I need your stories by the end of January, 2013, so if you’d like to participate, maybe do it on the holiday tomorrow when you have a few minutes to spare.

(By the way, if you quote specific numbers in your story, I may need to ask for verification, so please do have it handy just in case.)

I’d love to make your success part of this new resource for authors. To send me your story, click this link to go to a form I’ve set up for you:

Blogging Success Stories


And here’s to an awesome 2013, it’s going to be quite a ride.

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    Dear Joel: A million thanks for all you do. After years as a frustrated screenwriter I wrote my first thriller trilogy THEIR LAST SECRET: DECLASSIFIED. Book One is now on Kindle and 9 other e-readers, e-pub for now. I stumbled upon your incredible site mid October while prepping the final draft and searching for design companies. I settled on Bookbaby and I’m happy there. Your formatting advice makes my book look A list published in comparison to other SPA I’ve sampled. The marketing IS hard, book buried on these sites, but will follow your sage advice to the letter. I’m soon to create twitter, web, blog, facebook pages now that Santa is on vaca and football season closing soon. Marketing will require as much time and dedication as writing this trilogy and that’s all OK. I’m a Terra Linda HS grad now in So Cal and found you’re from San Rafael. Feels like we’re related and your advice more personal. Many thanks and I’ll keep you posted on my new adventure.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Carl, thanks for that, glad to be able to help. It sounds like you are well on your way, so congratulations. Marketing fiction IS hard, but check today’s blog post by Rachelle Ayala, who has learned some of these lessons the hard way and has some good advice for new self-published novelists. And good luck with the book, from cloudy San Rafael.

  2. RD Meyer

    I like blogging regularly since it gets my work in front of an audience(however small) and l can practice my writing techniques at the same time.

    Now I need to finish my next book. :-P

  3. Mary Tod

    What a great idea, Joel. As you said above, blogging IS publishing. So you did meet your goals! Your site is invaluable. I’m going to submit my story tomorrow – an excellent way to begin 2013.



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